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My name is Adrija, I am a journalism student, currently in Mumbai, India.

I grew up living in various places in India and Canada. I have a love hate relationship with stablity. Writing helps me ground myselfd and find roots, while also exploring and finding new things to connect to.

I write about people, events, facts, things, popular culture, idealistic conflicts, social commentary and travel. I do lot of work bases on assignment catering to what is required of my writing to portray.

I enjoy research and social interaction. Writing pieces that combine these are my favourite kind. When people read something I have written, I would like for each one of them to find something in it that they connect to.

Wilson College Mumbai

Walking into the modest confines of Mamma Mia, the local hangout for food that isn't vegetarian or ridiculously expensive, my appetite is roaring. After classes Mamma Mia is a wonderful option, being only a few minutes away and I find a couple of my classmates already waiting for their order.

Taste of the East (India)

One cuisine that has lately been coming up around town in Mumbai is the Bengali cuisine. Bombay with its strong number of probashi bangali (or Bengals who do not live in Bengal anymore, yes we are particular enough to have a word for that) has been ripe for the advent of the "Bong" food explosion.

New Music in the City

MUSIC Los Angeles based singer, composer and classical dancer Bhavana Reddy and her band performed at the Hard Rock Cafe's Andheri branch on Friday night, bringing in a fresh sound of indie rock to the city. This is the band's fourth stop in their seven day tour to launch Reddy's new album Tangled in Emotions...

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During July of 2010, Pakistan was hit by a devastating flood which affected 20 million people and caused approximately $43 billion in damages. At one point, almost one fifth of [...]

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