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MA English Literature Student

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I am in the English M.A. program. From television and films to literature, I love stories. I love when shows, movies, and literature challenges me and allow me to think critically about a character's actions.

Call it What it Is - 22 West Magazine - Medium

By Amanda Dominguez-Chio Contributor And the Philadelphia Eagles have won the 2018 Super Bowl. Cheers! Excitement! People running in the streets looting and rioting! "They're not rioting," you might say, "those people are just happy and having fun!" Sports riots are more common than we'd like to imagine.


"That's Harassment Campaign" - 22 West Magazine - Medium

By Amanda Dominguez-Chio Imagine a female employee helping her boss find a document on his computer. Her male superior thanks her for her help and makes conversation with her. Now imagine the boss making unwanted advances towards his employee. This is a scene detailed in one of the short films created by the #ThatsHarassment campaign.


White Savior Narrative In Films

There are several ways in which people are taught the white savior complex. Apart from education, Hollywood repeatedly produces films about a white person coming to help and save people of color.

Lana Del Rey And The Weeknd Premiere Their New Track 'Lust for Life'

Nothing beats the sound of Lana Del Rey. Following the success of "Love," Lana Del Rey released her latest single with The Weeknd titled "Lust for Life" taken from her forthcoming album of the same name. The two previously collaborated with the Weekend's latest albums, Beauty Behind the Madness ("Prisoner") and Starboy ("Party Monster" and "Stargirl Interlude").

Sons of Anarchy: Analyzing Masculinity

After a successful run, Kurt Sutter's hit series Sons of Anarchy ended on December 9th after seven years. The show features strong story lines, characters facing moral dilemmas, and surprising twists that could either end triumphantly or tragically. What I found most interesting about the series was how the show was inspired by William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

District 9: A Post-Colonial Analysis

Neil District 9 narrates the story of an alien invasion where humans treat the aliens as refugees. The story begins by providing historical background on the sudden appearance of a spaceship hovering over Johannesburg, South Africa. At first, the aliens receive from citizens, yet tension gradually rises: people begin to feel that the aliens have prolonged their stay.


"Elements" of Surprise - Union Weekly

By Amanda Dominguez-Chio Contributor The University Theatre premiered "Elements" on Saturday November 12. It has been a while since I have watched a good play, and "Elements" did not disappoint. In fact, the play exceeded my expectations. The play begins with two characters, Sally (Kim Pernia) and Avi (Alexander Romero), unaware of the other's existence.

Banksy: The Elusive Street Graffiti Artist

What is art? Over the years, people have attempted answer this question, with each person providing a different answer. History has taught people that art appears in many forms and styles, from cave paintings and realism to impressionism and abstract. Art can even serve a purpose, from preserving a culture to making a statement.


Jude the Obscure: Infinite Sorrow and Incomplete Desires

Thomas Hardy published his last novel Jude the Obscure in 1895. Originally, the novel appeared serialized in Harper's New Monthly as The Simpletons and Enduring Hearts. The novel met with public outrage due to its dark themes, so Hardy never wrote another novel.

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