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Hey, My name is Adjua Thomas and I'm a Senior multimedia journalism major at Morgan State University. I'm a 21 year old New York Native, an artist, a creative writer and a candy connoisseur. I like to travel and love to write. I use my social media platforms to share my ideas and review different things I'm interested in. Here are some of my favorite pieces both journalistic and creative, I hope you enjoy them

How Morgan and I have changed - Adjua Thomas - Medium Everyone can see the architectural and aesthetic changes Morgan State has underwent in the past couple of years. A new Business and Psychological building, a Chic fila on campus and even a new book store all bring big changes to the University, for the better.

Net Neutrality and You - Adjua Thomas - Medium

Is the internet too powerful to be owned by anybody but the public? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted to eliminate net neutrality, that policy that until now gave everyone equal access to the internet. With the vote, the American internet could soon turn into a space controlled by very few big, powerful corporations.

How to build a better Baltimore. - Adjua Thomas - Medium

The types of leaders Baltimore needs; The National Council of Negro Women MSU section, and their 20 years of service and dedication to our community. The National Council of Negro Women was founded in 1935, by Mary Mcloud Bethune, an educator, stateswoman, philanthropist, humanitarian, and civil rights activist.

Tales of the Griot - Adjua Thomas - Medium

Mohammed Tall, is an immigrant, a proud hypebeast and the Baltimore City Youth Laureate. He is a Political Science Major at Morgan State University and overall, he is cool as hell. Tall tried his best to remain humble throughout our interview, even when presented with the opportunity to brag, he passed; thus, failing to share some of his most impressive accomplishments with me.

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