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Online Managing Editor at CHAOS Magazine/ Copywriter and Editor-in-Chief of Slate Studios Journal. I worked at a tech startup for over a year, as project leader before resigning to focus on writing. Recently, I've completed a few personal projects such as my 153,000 word novel and two screenplays. I continue to write and edit on a daily basis.

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Balenciaga RTW Fall 2016 - CHAOS Magazine

An interesting mix of classic Balenciaga and contemporary street fashion, Demna Gvasalia seemed to do his research in preparing his debut collection at the head of the French fashion house. The Vetements transplant has managed to impress in his first showing with an intriguingly original impression of Cristobal's style present in many of the looks.

CHAOS Magazine
Prada RTW Fall 2016 - CHAOS Magazine

Ingenious and engrossing, Muiccia Prada's exploration of the feminine form and figure this season began with the understanding individual "pieces" of a woman. As her brilliantly balanced looks began to strut through the motions of the show, she took a moment to explain her that, "We need to understand who we are now....Maybe it's useful to look back to the different characteristic moments, difficulties, love, no love, pain, happiness, different kinds of women: sexy, boring, traveler.

CHAOS Magazine
Greg Lauren Men's RTW Fall 2016 - CHAOS Magazine

In some indigent, Mad Max-inspired, industrialist California beach town lies the inspiration for the Greg Lauren Fall 2016 Men's collection. It's a place where boxing also has its obvious advantages as was observed in the live demonstration within the ring for a small duration of the display; an awesome inclusion to the strong style on ...

CHAOS Magazine
Commes Des Garcons Hommes Plus Fall/Winter 2016 - CHAOS Magazine

Deconstructed-Classicism, or flowery fun, whatever the case Rei Kawakubo has seemingly reinvented formality once again with her continued experimentation on form and figure in the name of fashion, a mad scientist in her own right that Dr Frankenstein would commend.

CHAOS Magazine
Public School Fall Winter 2016 Collection - CHAOS Magazine

Another season, another refreshingly awesome collection from the titanic duo at Public School for the Fall and Winter 2016 collection. Co-founder Dao-Yi Chow explained the inspiration behind the collection as homage to the late David Bowie's The Man Who Fell to Earth, going even further by stating that the wears were intended to allow the loner to, "navigate the new land" with relative ease.

CHAOS Magazine
Social Media Ban at MSGM Show - CHAOS Magazine

There has been a very evident disturbance in the industry with fashion week enthusiasts and opponents alike rattling their brains over the recent mumbles and mutterings of a change to the schedule and spectacle.

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visvim Fall Winter 2016 Collection - CHAOS Magazine

Nakamura continues to delicately severe the necks of his contemporary, bohemian competitors; the Japanese staple of All-American inspired ideas presenting another professionally primed and pampered pairs of shoes, shirts, jackets, and any other article you may worship. While continually chastised for the outrageously pinned price-tags of the many offerings sewed-up and sent-out from the visvim ...

CHAOS Magazine
NYFW Designers, Move Over for Yeezy - CHAOS Magazine

Last season, with the release of Yeezy Season 2.0 and Kanye West's spontaneous announcement of the runway show schedule, designers in time-slots slated around the showing or in direct conflict were unfortunately forced to reschedule. It becomes impossible to contend with the sponsorship, press, and pompous pedigree that comes crawling out to show support at ...

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Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 "Summer of Love" Campaign Video - CHAOS Magazine

As an avid film and cinema enthusiast, the preview's and movements associated with the release of campaign and collection-inspired videos is always an interesting and unique perspective into the generally static world of fashion. While clothing is meant to convey or express an emotion, the models or canvases of these works of art, are generally expressionless and invisible.