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Meet Donna Trump, the Anthropomorphic UK Queen About to Make Her NYC Debut

It's Friday night in Manchester, U.K., and the doors to Cha Cha Boudoir have just opened. The club night, described as a place where "passion, glamour and illicit behaviour is wrapped up in one night of camp performances and soapbox disco," sees an array of outlandish and extravagant personalities - and outfits - enter for a view of the city's thriving queer culture.

Step Your Pussy Up: TS Madison Talks Her Five-Step Approach to Life

I already knew Isis King and Arisce Wanzer and had heard from them about this new show they were making. I get to play this girl called Trina, who's so anti-trans and full of attitude. We had lines and stuff, but when we got on set I felt like we could take it even further with the character and ad-libs.

Gay Times
10 facts about Girls Aloud's Tangled Up to celebrate 10 glorious years

Can you believe that it's been ten years since the release of Girls Aloud's fourth studio album Tangled Up? The album, released on 16 November 2007, signified a shift from manufactured reality TV band to experimental pop darlings, a move that was previously hinted at in their third album Chemistry.