Adam Knight

Award-winning writer/editor with a tendency to take black and white shots of people with tatts.

Location icon United Kingdom

Most days, I write features on boxers and ballet dancers for a magazine site I helped launch two years ago.

Before that I covered sport and culture in London. And tried to pay my rent. Sometimes at the same time.

T: 07933 518437

How To Not P--s Off Your Barber - Herefordshire Live

People are idiots. They don't mean to be, but they just are. Every day your average Joe - or Jolene - will do somewhere between 20 and 700 little, seemingly insignificant things that infuriate those around them. And the people who catch the full force of this inadvertent ignorance are the patient saints in the service industry.

How you get Groove Armada to play in a field outside Ledbury - Herefordshire Live

In the late-17 th century, several years before iphones and crossfaders, ­Philip Astley fathered the modern circus. The portly former-sergeant drew crowds across Europe, the great unwashed packing in to creaking wooden structures to catch a glimpse of the famed trick-rider performing handstands on the saddle of a cantering horse.

Quiz: Herefordshire or Game Of Thrones? - Herefordshire Live

As Game of Thrones embarks upon another season - and another 7 weeks of domainating your Monday morning Twitter feed - we couldn't help but notice some similarities in the quaint, countryside place names chosen by GoT creator George RR Martin, and those dotted around Herefordshire maps.

The New Dub Club - the man reinventing the VW camper - Herefordshire Live

In an age where every blade of grass is mapped out by Google's all-seeing eye, Woonton exists only through a collection of search results hinting at its presence. A hamlet belied online only by a series of holiday lettings and a world-famous VW caravan workshop, the blindspot north-east of Leominster is found by an overgrown lane where chickens and dogs and children roam free.

Matt Wilson goes further on one full leg than you do on two - Herefordshire Live

For those who come face-to-face with the undoubted challenges of not only continuing their lives with a disability, but exceeding the expectations held before injury, you can fall in to two camps. Those whose injury will always provide an asterisk to their achievements, and those for whom - no matter the challenge, the work, the uphill struggle - no excuse will ever suffice.

What happened to the Mumfords? The rise and fall of pop-folk ahead of Bromyard Folk Festival -...

Around four years ago Mumford and Sons conquered the world. They wore flannel shirts, pulled their acoustic guitars high up on their chests and sold out America. 'Babel' debuted at Number One in the UK. That summer, tambourines and the warm, earnest, infectious platitudes of the The Lumineers' breakthrough 'Ho Hey' were slowdanced to at every wedding, both sides of the Atlantic.

Concussion: rugby's latest bogeyman - Herefordshire Live

The incident described above occurred last month, in a game against Macclesfield. Doyle - a star player for a Luctonians' side competing in the fourth tier of English rugby - lay face down on the turf for a long minute while the club's doctor and sports therapist attended to him.

Beefy Boys: An Oral History, Part Deux - Herefordshire Live

WARNING: THIS STORY MAY CONTAIN ELEMENTS THAT MAKE YOU HUNGRY] Christian Williams: We realised that going to the World Champs was a pretty marketable thing. We've always been on Facebook and been able to create a bit of a buzz. And we thought we could get some leverage with that and, well, basically we didn't want to pay for it.

Girl Power: Hereford's Female Boxers - Herefordshire Live

Counting the minutes to her lunch break, Rhiannon Roberts paces the floor of one of Hereford's premier jewellery stores in high heels and a pencil skirt. Her mobile rings. As she listens, a smile appears on her face. "I'm going out for lunch," she tells her boss.

A Modern Romance: Using Tinder in the Sticks - Herefordshire Live

"He turned out to be a right Lawrence, so I ignored him but eventually he tracked down my work email address and sent me pictures of his dog. That was weird." Tile and banner image: Alaina Wibberly It is 357 days until Valentine's Day.