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All Out Cricket
My Golden Summer: 2005

As an Ashes series for the ages brought cricket into the general public's consciousness, Adam Hopkins was enjoying a breakthrough summer of his own

My Favourite Photo: Pietersen Holds On Down Under | Wisden Cricket

The image capturing Kevin Pietersen completing a fine boundary catch as England inched closer to retaining the Ashes in 2010-11, was one that depicted a crowd of people united by one contest, by one catch, by one split second, writes Adam Hopkins.

Taiwan Scene | Online Travel Magazine
We tried Domino's Taiwan's bubble tea pizza and it's actually not bad

Bubble tea is without doubt Taiwan's most famous drink and it's taking the world by storm. From Los Angeles, to London, to Tokyo, pearl milk tea shops are popping up all over the globe, proving that the popular handmade drink has come a long way since its humble origins in Taichung.

Time Out Shanghai
How to survive a Shanghai music festival

Shanghai's big Labour Day weekend of music festivals is upon us and you've got your ticket and are ready to go. But, actually, deep down, you're not ready, are you?

Time Out Shanghai
Lady bosses of Shanghai – Norah Yang

Self-assured, goal-oriented and not conforming to societal norms and expectations – Norah Yang is the archetypal modern Shanghainese woman

What is Bubble Tea? Everything You Need To Know

Don't know your boba from your bubble? Taipei resident and Taiwan Scene editor Adam Hopkins reveals everything you need to know about bubble tea, the Taiwanese beverage that has taken over the world...

Taiwan Scene | Online Travel Magazine
All You Need to Know About Coronavirus in Taiwan

News and rumors about the coronavirus are seemingly spreading faster than the virus itself, so it's understandable if you're a little worried amongst all this hysteria and uncertainty.

Time Out Shanghai
Shenhua vs SIPG: How will Shanghai's CSL clubs fare in 2017?

There is no doubting that the Chinese Super League (CSL) is on the ascendancy. With all the money floating around in the Chinese game, it's no surprise that star names are leaving Europe and seeking their fortune out East.

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