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Adam A Durso

Web Content & Brand Copywriter

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Professional writer, poet, and East Coast transplant making a go of it in the East Bay. I'm a versatile and efficient brand storyteller accustomed to working across all platforms and mediums, including web, print, social, and whatever comes next. I have worked on significant rebranding initiatives in higher education, and have additional experience in non-profit and corporate spaces. From feature stories to copy for ads, websites, blogs, or e-mail, my goal is always to create engaging marketing communications that align with the voice and culture of a brand.

I'm a constant learner who thrives in a creative, collaborative, and cross-functional environment. When driven by intellectual curiosity and a love of language, I believe that every subject, no matter how technical, can be presented in a unique and compelling light.


Web Content
College of Arts and Sciences at Quinnipiac University

Arts and sciences graduates have enjoyed the largest growth in employment and pay in the last three decades. Convincing the public of the viability of that statement was not easy, but I was able to do it while expressing Quinnipiac's philosophy on experiential learning.
School of Health Sciences at Quinnipiac University

The School of Health Sciences has many of QU's bread and butter programs, many of which enjoy high national rankings. My copy had to pay that off while describing a culture of interdisciplinary excellence and belief in patient-centered care.

Quinnipiac University
Diversity & Inclusion at Quinnipiac University

Diversity, inclusivity, and equity are vital to a modern university's community, and to graduating globally engaged, culturally rich and highly collaborative citizens.
Dining Experience at Quinnipiac University

Dining is a significant part of the student experience and a metric by which students judge which college to attend. I treated this like writing copy for a restaurant group, resort or cruise line.
Quinnipiac Men's Basketball

Recruitment page for Quinnipiac University's basketball program. Produced in conjunction with the hiring of Baker Dunleavy as head coach, which made D1 headlines at the time.

Product Copy

Print Stories

Quinnipiac Magazine
Raising the Bar

(Feature story) DACA recipient Denia Perez spearheaded a successful initiative to amend the Connecticut Bar Association's admissions language to allow her and other DACA students to sit for the exam.

Quinnipiac Magazine
The Dog Clicker

A visual piece about strategies for winning cooperation from your dog from certified dog trainer Kristen Iannucci.

Digital Stories

Quinnipiac NOW
Biology major impresses with cancer research

The treatment for cancer can sometimes be as devastating - and even as fatal - as the disease itself. For this pre-med biology major, that's unacceptable.

Social Media
"Stats Man" predicts Super Bowl champions

Three posts about a Quinnipiac stats professor who correctly predicted the Patriots' Super Bowl victory over the Falcons and later gave predictions for the upcoming MLB season. (He called the Cubbies breaking their 108-year curse in 2016)
Future Teachers Hold Holiday Fundraiser

Teachers really do touch the lives of their students in so many ways. In this case, they made sure less fortunate students got gifts for the holidays. Not surprisingly, it came out of their own pocket.
Student Invents Heat/Sun Index Monitor

Most people probably wish their parks, beaches and playgrounds had one of these. North Haven residents can say that they do.

Marketing Collateral

Quinnipiac University Graduate Program Viewbook
Grad Program Viewbook

Digital viewbook of Quinnipiac University's graduate program offerings

Branded Posters
Marketing Posters

5 visual posters illustrating the four educational pillars of Quinnipiac's College of Arts and Sciences. These were seen by thousands of people during open houses and other events.

Amtrack Magazine; Irish America Magazine
2 Magazine Ads

Two magazine ads, "Because Fit Matters Most," (Amtrack Magazine) and "Decades of Impact" (Irish America Magazine).

Princeton Review
Princeton Review Ad

Of all the gaming-inspired headlines I came up with, "Level up..." was the simplest and most accessible.

Billboard ad
Billboard ad

Chosen for a billboard on I-95 in Connecticut. The tagline is a clear call to action that reminds people (drivers...) that they are in control of their future.

Blog Samples


Bird's Thumb
Third Party

Poem, "Third Party."


Original poetry - "Mice", pg. 107

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