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I've been a freelance entertainment journalist, film & TV critic, feature writer and blogger since 2005. My work has been featured on a wide range of sites including IGN, Dread Central, Now Playing Magazine, Modern Borefare, Gamer's Pulse, and more. I created the terrifying movie marathon blog 31 Flavors of Terror but it got too scary.

How's Season Two of The Orville So Far? - IGN

Seth McFarlane's sci-fi comedy is having a solid sophomore season. With eight episodes aired, season two of The Orville is off to a strong start. It continues to blend equal parts science fiction and social philosophy, though its proportion of outrageous gags has declined markedly in favor of subtler comedic elements.

Jeepers Creepers 3 Review - IGN

More like Jeepers Sleepers? As a die hard fan of the first two Jeepers Creepers movies, it pains me to say this: Jeepers Creepers 3 is the low point of the franchise, one from which I hope, but doubt, it will recover.

Star Trek Book Review: Outside In Boldly Goes - IGN

The Outside In series tackles Trek in its latest effort. There are 116 pieces of officially sanctioned moving image entertainment featuring the main characters of the original 1966 Star Trek TV series. I know that thanks to ATB Publishing's latest entry in its Outside In series: Outside In Boldly Goes.

Storytelling Engines: What Keeps Comic Books Going - IGN

Author John Seavey talks about his new book, Storytelling Engines: How Writers Keep Superhero Sagas Going and Going!, which explores what makes it possible for comic book writers to continue finding inspiration over the years - and even decades - of a title's life.

Wonder Woman: Cinematographer Matthew Jensen Compares the New Film to Donner's Superman, Batman...

The DP talks to IGN about the movie's ambitious aspirations, the 2015 Fantastic Four, and more. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Jensen, the cinematographer for Wonder Woman. Jensen, whose previous credits include Chronicle, Fantastic Four, Filth and episodes of Game of Thrones, True Blood and Ray Donovan, spoke in glowing terms of star Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins.

What It's Really Like to Work with Michael Bay - IGN

The director's collaborators provide the real story behind one of Hollywood's most challenging directors. This August I was among a handful of writers invited to watch a day of shooting with Michael Bay and the cast and crew of Transformers: The Last Knight.

Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season 3 Premiere Review - IGN

This review contains spoilers for the Season 3 premiere of Ash vs. Evil Dead. When we last left Ash and the Ghostbeaters, they were being celebrated in Elk Grove after successfully vanquishing the deadite threat.

10 Giant Movie Monsters That Could Beat Up King Kong - IGN

God save the king... he'll need the help. Reportedly standing 100 feet tall, King Kong returns to cinemas in Kong: Skull Island this weekend in what may be his biggest form ever. While Kong may be king on Skull Island, in the (ahem) larger world of movie monsters he sometimes comes up a bit, uh, short.

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The Blood Stream: 7 Nights of Darkness - Dread Central

apr14/the-blood-stream.jpg The Blood Stream mines the Internet for horror gold so you don't have to, delivering streamable horror titles never before featured on Dread Central. Occasionally I'll dredge up something good, maybe even great. To find those gems, I'll have to sift through a lot of breathtakingly bad cinema. Enjoy!

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