Adam Clemence

Freelance Marketing, Social Media, and Copywriting

Location icon United States of America

I am a freelance marketer, copywriter, social media specialist, editor, and blogger with a background in good SEO practices, web content management, social media campaigns, HTML, and some image editing with Photoshop Elements. I also have experience with press releases and online reputation management.

Below, you can find a selection of social media pages and blogs I have managed and written for, as well as older posts that show my growth as a writer. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at adam [dot] clemence [at] gmail [dot] com.


Social Media Pages Managed

Facebook - Managed from February 2013 - April 2014, the primary page of a sister store to OpticsPlanet with 10k+ likes. I was in charge of all scheduling, copy, contests, image organization, and campaigns from February 2013 - April 2014.

Blogs Managed

GearExpert by OpticsPlanet from February 2013 - April 2014's main blog. I was a writer starting in February 2013, and later held primary editorial duties of this blog from April 2013 - April 2014. My duties included assigning and editing, publishing, and scheduling.

OpticsPlanet Facebook - Select Posts

For our next New Products Showcase...

For our next New Products Showcase, be sure to check out the SureFire EB2 Backup Flashlight! With a powerful 500 lumens, this compact light is perfect for slipping into your pocket in case of emergency - or everyday use. Get yours today! >> <<

Are you all ready for a BRAND NEW OPMOD product?

Are you all ready for a BRAND NEW OPMOD product? We are! Check out the Carson OPMOD Mini Aura Digital Night Vision Monocular! This compact DNV unit slips comfortably into your pocket or your pack, giving you quick access to crisp digital night vision images.

GearExpert - An OpticsPlanet Blog, Select Posts

GearExpert by OpticsPlanet
Finding Father Christmas with the Santa Stake Out Kit

I'm always on the lookout for Jolly Ol' Saint Nick. Never have been able to find him, though. This year's going to be different. This year, the game has changed. This year, OpticsPlanet has the Santa Stakeout Kit. No more will Kris Kringle hide under the cover of night from me.

GearExpert by OpticsPlanet
Enter to Win 5 New Products from SHOT Show 2014!

The OpticsPlanet crew had such an awesome time at SHOT Show 2014 that we want to share the excitement with you! That's why they've lined up 5 new products featured at SHOT Show 2014 that you now have the opportunity to win!

GearExpert by OpticsPlanet
OpticsPlanet Returns Victorious from the Vortex Dream Hunt!

During the recent hunting season, some of the OpticsPlanet crew headed out to Hidden Valley Outfitters in Nebraska to spend a few days hunting white tail deer with the winner of the OpticsPlanet Vortex Dream Hunt for Two Sweepstakes. The trip was a rousing success, as you can see from the video above!

Press Releases, Select Samples

OpticsPlanet Offers Cannon Safes For Your Possessions

OpticsPlanet understands the need to keep valuables safe from intruders or natural disasters, which is why they offer the trusted brand of Cannon Safe. Protect everything from jewelry and passports to weapons, and more.

JayisGames - An Online Casual Gaming Blog, Select Posts

e7 - Walkthrough, Guide, Review - Jayisgames

e7: e7's minimalistic and gorgeous presentation accents its simple and engaging gameplay as you pilot a little probe on an alien planet in an effort to deactivate a bomb threatening to destroy Earth. Fling yourself from the surface of the Jello-like crust on the planet's surface and battle laser-wielding robot alien defenses using only your kinetic energy.

Seed - Walkthrough, Guide, Review - Jayisgames

Seed: Seed is a soothing, botany-based webtoy diversion that lets you cross-breed several different kinds of flowers into pretty mutant hyper-flowers. Just click, drag and drop to crossbreed, or sit back and let evolution take over. You can even share your creations with others as you discover different varieties of remarkable looking flowers.

A Sense of Adventure - A Personal Travel Blog, Select Posts

A Sense of Adventure
Meeting in the streets, in the shops, in the school

It's a long road. It's flanked by two ditches on either side, not so deep, but lined with piping which will eventually, I've been told, carry fresh, potable water to each house. For now, the people are happy with well water. Georgia is a work in progress. Anaklia is doubly so.