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Acacia Ladd-Cocca

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Social Media Director and Contributing Editor for Odyssey and a self-guided world traveler.

Part self-professed cat lady, part functional adult, I have a knack for blending eye-roll sarcasm with my mid 20-something perspective to bring pointed humor to topics, both serious and silly.

I connect with my readers by being genuine and humorous, as if I were speaking to close friends.

Dragons, Mermaids And Unicorns, Oh My!

If you're a person who can: turn on a television, scroll through the internet or walk passed/into a Starbucks, then you know the direction I'm about to go with this. I like to think I am an avid coffee connoisseur (aka coffee snob), but I really don't know as much as most of the self-proclaimed masters of caffeine.

Shoot The Chef

Last week's article, We Were Mislead-- We Can't Do Anything We Want, was focused on the importance creativity plays in the lives of many people around the world. Putting the time and resources into any kind of creative outlet is usually seen as a hobby to those who don't fully grasp the amount of work that goes into a photograph, a poem or a painting.

I Lasted Less Than A Year In My Field

If I handed a prospective employer my resume, I have a feeling some eyebrows would be raised and immediately the tone of our engagement would be overflowing with skepticism. Why did I leave my job in Vermont after only five months? More importantly, why did I leave my recent job after just six months?

I Am Currently In The 'Nick Miller' Stage Of Adulthood

Fox's comedy, "New Girl," has provided me with plenty of feel-good entertainment and faith that I don't need to have my life together as an adult. We all like to compare our friends and selves to television characters that best fit each personality.

Loving Lana Del Rey

Formerly known by a few other names (i.e. Lizzy Grant) before finally making it in Los Angeles as the brooding musician now very well known as Lana Del Rey (real name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant), has graced the sound waves with her haunting tones and gritty lyrics for almost 10 years.

To Those I Want To Thank For The Women's March

Saturday, January 21, 2017, will forever be on my mind as one of the greatest events I have ever experienced. I was one of hundreds of thousands joining my fellow feminists and activists in the Women's March on Washington.

What Will Your Verse Be?

Every year, around this time, I get the overwhelming urge to watch one of my absolute favorite movies, "The Dead Poets Society". I watched this movie for the first time when I was much younger. For some reason, I was constantly watching movies that were a bit mature for my age.

Don't Talk To Strangers

I'm sure we can all remember being young children and learning about the terrifying subject matter of "stranger danger". We heard that the bad people of the world didn't always look like the villains in our favorite cartoons and movies.

How Do You Move On After Graduating College?

I finally got to have a weekend off to spend with Dom. We ventured down to Long Island to enjoy three days of shenanigans with many of his college friends, whom he still remains close to. I have hung out with his friends before and knew to expect a wild time.

3 Reasons You Need To Be Watching VICELAND (If You Aren't Already)

My boyfriend (Dom) and I were relaxing at home one night. We were probably watching The Food Network (because Dom's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives obsession was out of control for a while). A commercial came on highlighting some scandalous, real-life shows that immediately intrigued us.

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