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Abigail Lee is a journalism student at Emerson College.

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Emertainment Monthly
"The Drive to Sing" Captures the Car Choirs of the Pandemic - Emertainment Monthly

By Abigail Lee '25 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer A new documentary about car choirs looks at how singers and musicians found a way to keep the music alive during the pandemic. The Drive to Sing is about Marlborough-based musicians Bryce and Kathryn Denney and their project to reinstate live choir in 2020.

Queer Theatre Project Puts Modern Spin On "Twelfth Night"

The 's production of "Twelfth Night" transfers Elizabethan class dynamics to a modern corporate setting. And moreso, the all-volunteer Queer Theatre Project theater company, formed in 2021, is adding a contemporary twist to the Shakespearean play by making it genderqueer and turning the characters into the employees.


The Boston Underground Film Festival is returning in-person for the first time since 2019, a decision that remained up in the air until just recently. "It was around January [when] I was like, is this happening? Or is it not? " said Nicole McControversy, Director of Programming at BUFF.

The Berkeley Beacon
'This is not an isolated concern': 2B Alley sees tuition increase protest

Dozens of Emerson students gathered in the 2 Boylston Place alleyway on Friday afternoon to protest the upcoming 2 percent tuition increase. In response to a rise in tuition and room and board charges for the upcoming academic year, announced by the college on March 17, Emersonians organized the tuition protest through a social media...

The Berkeley Beacon
Faculty and staff unions make headway in contract negotiations

On both coasts, unions at the college are making progress in their respective contract negotiations. The Emerson Los Angeles part-time faculty union secured an agreement with the college Feb. 4-ending an eight-month bargaining process that required federal mediation. Emerson's Staff Union is currently in the midst of its own negotiations for a new collective bargaining...

The Berkeley Beacon
Emerson professor releases debut feature "Come On In"

Emerson Business of Creative Enterprises professor Daniel Callahan's debut feature film, Come On In, was released Feb. 8. Come On In is a psychological thriller that delves into the inner workings of the mind. Callahan, who wrote, directed, and acted in the film, conceived the project while completing a masters' degree in film and media...

The Berkeley Beacon
First-year releases EP 'Sittin in 317'

Halfway through the semester, first-year marketing communications major Vritika Thadhani and her friends set goals for themselves to accomplish before the summer-Thadhani's goal was to create new music. The result of this challenge is Sittin in 317, an EP composed of three songs, released under the name Baby Face.