Abeni Jones

Freelance Writer

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Trans woman of color writer and artist based in San Francisco, CA.

Not Just Murder Victims: A Plea on Trans Day of Visibility

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility, a noble effort to add media attention to positive, affirming representations of transgender people, who often are recognized only upon our deaths in mass media. This year, we already have reports of the homicide deaths of at least eight trans people in the United States.

Argot Magazine
The Singing Tree

When you left, you wrote that no one would mourn your loss. That it wouldn't make an impact. That you'd pass out of the world as anonymously as you'd entered it. You were wrong.

Queer Your Ears April 2019: New Releases from Queer & Trans Artists

It's a great time to be queer and/or trans music fan! There was SO MUCH incredible music to cover this month. Check the Honorable Mentions at the end for quickfire reviews of so many records and albums! I honestly think I could listen to only queer and trans musicians for the rest of my days and not run out of really great stuff.

Beyond Self-Care Bubble Baths: A Vision for Community Care

During a particularly difficult period last year, my depression made me unable to leave my apartment for three weeks straight. The takeout boxes, dirty laundry, and misery started piling up, but living alone made it so that nobody had to see me in my squalor.