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Abby Leigh Curtis

Writer, Content Strategist, and Editor

Location icon United States

Abby develops content marketing strategies in addition to writing and editing written content. All of her web content gets slapped with a seal of SEO approval.

She believes that quality written content is the pillar of every website. She enjoys working with small businesses—especially women- and minority-owned businesses—across industries. She has extensive experience writing in the higher education marketing space in addition to health and wellness, food and recipes, beauty, animal welfare, and law.

Abby is most passionate about human rights, animal rights, and protecting the environment. Through her writing, she hopes to make a positive impact—and inspire others to do the same.


• Content Strategy
• Written Content
- Blogs and Essays
- Articles and Op-Eds
- White Papers
- Landing Pages
- Miscellaneous Web Content
- Ad Copy (PPC, in-line content, pop-up modules)
- Technical Audit
- Content Optimization
- Google My Business Optimization
• Editing
- Copyediting
- Line editing
- Developmental Editing



Carnegie Dartlet
COVID-19 and Student Search Behavior

Though coronavirus search terms are dominating the SERPs, this is not the time to forego your SEO strategy. Find out what students are searching for now.

COVID-19: Why Is Social Distancing Important?

You're young and healthy, so why should YOU have to take part in "social distancing"? Find out why we all play a crucial role in stalling coronavirus now. Find the perfect college and scholarships to pay for it. Join CollegeXpress-it's fast, easy, and FREE!

Brittany Kate Hair
The Counterfeit Beauty Problem | Brittany Kate Hair

Hey y'all-have you seen Broken on Netflix ? The series begins by honing in on cosmetics, a large slice of the $532 billion beauty industry, and puts cheap, low-quality fakes under the microscope.

Celebrities, the Media, and Complicity in Rape Culture

Kobe Bryant died tragically on January 26, 2020. Prior to his death, he lived a full, fruitful, and charitable life. He was an astonishingly talented basketball player, a dedicated father, and a philanthropist. He also raped a woman. It's more "polite" to gloss over a dead man's wrongdoings than to recall and acknowledge them in the immediate aftermath of their passing.

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Heroes of History: 5 Inspiring Black Female Figures

Heroic Black women like Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are household names in the United States, but there are countless lesser-known Black women who had an enormous impact on Abolitionism, the Civil Rights Movement, and much more. As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, here are just five examples of Black female historical figures you probably didn't learn about in school.

Heroes of History: 5 Unsung Black Figures

How much did you learn about Black history in high school? Statistically speaking, probably not much. A 2017 National Council for the Social Studies analysis of public school curriculums surmised that generally only one to two lessons-or approximately 9%-of total class time are devoted to Black history in US history classrooms. At CollegeXpress, we believe history should be explored in its totality-no matter the feelings the topics may evoke in us.

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