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I'm a writer with several years experience in broadcast writing, short scripts, promotional pieces and feature articles for magazines. I've written web content (blogs) and marketing copy for industries that have included real estate, senior home care and wedding services.

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How To Help Your Pets With The Stress Of Moving

If you think moving to a new home is stressful for you, try looking at it from the point of view of your pet. They see you packing boxes and suitcases and immediately they know something is getting ready to happen.

Real estate website
Stage Your Home For The Holidays To Sell

Contrary to popular belief, selling your home during the holiday season isn't necessarily a negative thing. You can make the busy-ness and festive nature of this time of year work to your advantage to showcase the best features of your home.

Aging In Place In-Home Care
Aging In Place In-Home Care - Elder Care - Homebound Care Services

Bathing and Dressing When basic routines are limited due to illness or aging it can be very stressful for seniors, leading to a feeling that independence has been lost. Privacy and dignity will be assured by our professional caregivers, who will assist with personal daily activities.

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Lost Ground Zero Flag Returns to NYC

In the 15 years since the terrorist attacks in New York City, northern Virginia and Shanksville, PA, many stories-real and unreal-have been told. Over the years, we've been intrigued and inspired by stories of heroic actions, strange "coincidences" that kept people from going to work that day, conspiracy theories and miraculous tales of survival.

Liberty Belle Blog
Movie Review- "Woodlawn"

"Where are you living from?" asks Junior Nathan to his son Tony. The young man taps his fist to his heart, and so begins the emotional true story of "Woodlawn". The film portrays the events that unfolded at Woodlawn High School in the early 1970's in Birmingham, Alabama.

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