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Decorating With Pink Accents: 20 Ways to Create This Look

Pinks can sometimes be deemed as too feminine for most people but actually it's just one of colours you can use to add more life into your home. Think of it as accents. Whether it's something bright, blushed or mixed in with another colour, it will always appear as something that can light up a room.

How to look good on a budget

Getting into the workforce might sound like financial freedom for some Millennials, but the reality is though the money might comes, the bills won't stop piling up. Student loans, buying a house and planning for the future are big expenses, but if there is one thing lots of Millennials are not willing to compromise, it's their looks, especially when they land a new job.

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Plaid Outerwear - CHAOS Magazine

Preppy yet chic, plaid is a classic and timeless pattern that is constantly reinvented. From tops to bottoms, we've definitely seen the fabric on everything. But, as the weather gets colder day after day, putting a few updates on your plaid outerwear is a great way to spice up your outfits.

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Elie Saab Paris Couture Spring 2013

From intricate crystal embroideries to sweet flow of reds, nudes, and pastels, the Elie Saab collection for Paris Couture may have seemed familiar yet new. Like most of his collections, it has one underlying theme: femininity.

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Sweatshirt Chic - CHAOS Magazine

Do you remember the days when you used to wear fancy graphic sweatshirts and everyone thought it was cute? You would wear them to school or to parties, and you knew it was the easiest look to pull off, especially on colder days.

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A Modern Take on the Denim Romper - CHAOS Magazine

There is something about the denim romper that just takes you back to a time when life was simple and kids ran around freely in their backyards. The piece has a very old-country feel, and back in the seventies, it became an extremely popular trend.

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Leather Pants With Sneakers - CHAOS Magazine

Leather pants can look absolutely sexy on anyone who has the legs to pull it off. Leg-hugging shiny bottoms can often be a little intimidating to wear, but if you know how to style the look, then it can instantly make you appear more edgy and chic.

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Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2013 - CHAOS Magazine

Sculptural and utterly chic, Donna Karan's pre-fall collection 2013 is all about black and white, with just a few flashes of brown. Although the palettes are muted, the designs served to emphasize the cuts and structures that are flattering for most women.

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Camilla and Marc Resort 2013

Urban sophistication with a touch of young charm is how I would describe Camilla and Marc's latest collection for resort 2013. Inspired by the interiors of Versailles, the Australian-born brother and sister design duo perfectly captured its iconic architectural design and interpreted it in a more modern and sophisticated way.

Jhane Barnes: Eco-conscious Designer Eyeglasses

We've all heard lots of things about the benefits of choosing organic, whether it's the food we eat, the skincare products we use or even the clothes we wear, but eyeglasses? For most of us, this isn't something we think of when we hear the word organic; because, let's be honest, we all wear those plastic frames that are well, not very environmentally friendly.

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Prabal Gurung for ICB - CHAOS Magazine

"It" designer and print master Prabal Gurung recently launched his contemporary line for Japanese label ICB. While Gurung is most notable for designs worn by the First Lady and the Duchess of Cambridge, creating a collection for the label gave him the opportunity to create quality pieces for a different audience at a much more affordable price.

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