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A journalist investigation inside the money laundering machine

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Antonio "Tony Corleone" Papaleo
A freelance Investigative Journalist,inside the money laundering machine

Antonio Papaleo is a Czech and Slovak international investigative journalist, of Italian nationality, many times
undercover and under threat. He has been described as a “self-styled truth seeker1” devoted to reporting to the general
public, using his real name, corruption and organized crimes.

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Rory Peck Trust [RPT]

Asociace Evropských Novinářů České republiky [AEN/AEN-CR/CZ]

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists [ICIJ]

Global Investigative News Network/Press [GINN]

Tony Papaleo Newsroom:

The Daily Slovak News [TD.SK] www.TheDaily.SK
La Voce della Repubblica Ceca [LV.CZ]
La Voce della Slovacchia [LV.SK]

South China Morning Post
'Slovak diplomat threatened witness' in money-laundering case

An undercover Italian journalist on a sting operation to expose a suspected eastern European gangster yesterday claimed he was threatened by a diplomat from the defendant's home country during a break. Key prosecution witness Antonio Papaleo told the District Court after the recess that an individual in the public gallery had been "very aggressive" and had stared at him in an intimidating manner for about 10 seconds.
Hong Kong Probes Financial Firms for Money Laundering

June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong's banking regulator is investigating several financial institutions including at least one bank for possible breaches of the city's anti-money laundering regulation, the South China Morning Post reported. One bank has been questioned about its money laundering controls, the newspaper reported, citing an unidentified person.

South China Morning Post
Dramatic twist in money-laundering case

There was drama in the District Court yesterday as a Slovak businessman on trial over an international money-laundering plot was caught making a claim the judge deemed "impossible" - under questioning from his own lawyer. Defendant Juraj Jariabka told the court he had previously seen a document presented in his defence; namely a passport belonging to his associate.

Reporter Sans Frontieres

香港/意大利/斯洛伐克/捷克共和国 7月 1 记者Antonio Papaleo因为调查黑手党组织被恐吓 身为“La Voce”(声音)的总编,Antonio Aldo Papaleo 是一名“追逐真相者”。这名驻扎在斯洛伐克的意大利记者尤其擅长对犯罪组织的调查。 他已经多次操刀有关腐败和国际非法贸易的报道。其最近的一次调查开始于2012年,他已经混进这个香港黑社会组织的中心,并且着手调查他们在布拉格和香港的洗钱行动。 2010年和2011年之间,Antonio Aldo Papaleo,以自己的真名伪装成一个腐败,嗑药和酗酒的记者,直到成为他想渗入的黑社会组织的坐上宾。 在香港,几名嫌疑犯被逮捕和接受审判,但也让他自己陷入死亡威胁,与此同时,有关国家的警察机构对此却冷漠置之。 “拿自己生命做赌注去调查黑社会组织,并且被该组织发出死亡威胁后,欧洲许多国家却冷漠地告知他的处境”,无国界记者组织亚太地区负责人Benjamin Ismaïl说。...

Fugitive Says, Thank You Phuket

PHUKET: A fugitive journalist at the centre of a money-laundering investigation that stretches across four countries has one thing to say to the people of Phuket: Thank you. Italian Antonio Papaleo, 45, threatened with death by some he is trying to expose, is now in hiding on the Thai holiday island where a local robber attempted to kill him last week.

Beijing University Law School (北京大学法学院)
为了混入和调查香港黑手党组织,意大利记者Antonio Papaleo遭到死亡威胁。无国界记者组织呼吁有关部门出手保护该记者。 身为La Voce(声音)的总编,Antonio Aldo...

为了混入和调查香港黑手党组织,意大利记者Antonio Papaleo遭到死亡威胁。无国界记者组织呼吁有关部门出手保护该记者。 身为“La Voce”(声音)的总编,Antonio Aldo Papaleo 是一名“追逐真相者”。这名驻扎在斯洛伐克的意大利记者尤其擅长对犯罪组织的调查。他已经多次操刀有关腐败和国际非法贸易的报道。其最近的一次调查开始于2012年,他已经混进这个香港黑社会组织的中心,并且着手调查他们在布拉格和香港的洗钱行动。 2010年和2011年之间,Antonio Aldo Papaleo,以自己的真名伪装成一个腐败,嗑药和酗酒的记者,直到成为他想渗入的黑社会组织的坐上宾。在香港,几名嫌疑犯被逮捕和接受审判,但也让他自己陷入死亡威胁,与此同时,有关国家的警察机构对此却冷漠置之。 “拿自己生命做赌注去调查黑社会组织,并且被该组织发出死亡威胁后,欧洲许多国家却冷漠地告知他的处境”,无国界记者组织亚太地区负责人Benjamin Ismaïl说。...

Rory Peck Trust
Rory Peck Trust: An investigative freelancer in hiding

Tony started out working as an investigative journalist at the age of 30. Based in Slovakia, he has worked for a number of Swiss, Italian, Czech and Slovak publications, as well as editing the online newspaper La Voce. In 2012 he was elected to the position of General Secretary of the Czech section of the Association of European Journalists. He is also the Czech and Slovak regional partner for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Inspirations "I was inspired to go...

CRIMINAL CASE NO. 54 OF 2014 [DCCC 54/2014]

HKSAR v JARIABKA JURAJ Before: HH Judge Dufton Date: 8 September 2014 Present: Mr Derek Wong, SPP, of the Department of Justice, for HKSAR Mr Phillip Ross instructed by Betty Chan & Co, for the defendant Offence: Incitement to deal with property known or believed to represent proceeds of an indictable offence(煽惑處理已知道或相信為代表從可公訴罪行的得益的財產) ________________________ REASONS FOR SENTENCE ________________________

SME Dennik
Našej polícii dôkazy nestačili, v Hongkongu dostal Slovák štyri roky

Slovenská polícia tvrdí, že dôkazy nestačili ani na začatie vyšetrovania. Podnikateľa usvedčil novinár. BRATISLAVA. Štyri roky väzenia vymeral súd v Hongkongu slovenskému podnikateľovi Jurajovi Jariabkovi za pranie špinavých peňazí v štádiu pokusu. Jariabku usvedčil taliansky investigatívny novinár Antonio Papaelo, ktorý sa ním počas svojho pôsobenia na Slovensku nechal najať ako biely kôň na zakladanie bankových účtov v zahraničí. Papaelo si tajne nahrával schôdzky, na ktorých mu Jariabka...

South China Morning Post
Journalist reveals how he helped bust money-laundering ring in Hong Kong

Last week, Slovakian businessman and Discovery Bay resident Juraj Jariabka was jailed for four years for his part in a money-laundering plot. However, the key witness whose evidence put him away, Italian freelance journalist Antonio Papaleo, is still receiving death threats for his efforts.

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