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Born at the ebbing of the most romantic period of our history, 1969; I was so it feels, born in the wrong country at the wrong time.

I followed through on such a destiny by choosing a career best suited for the original me and not the real me. Real me is a born romantic, writer and nomad, in no specific order. Writing is my love, romance a passion and nomad-esque lifestyle while a hobby is coming to an end thanks to over zealous airport security.

How do the three interweave into the bigger picture, well, I have been writing now for 20 years, through numerous relationships and whilst travelling 85 countries. My life is the richest resource I have and from which I pull the stories and tales I love to publish.

It all started with the idea of a book of notes at the age of 18, which turned into my first book at the age of 20. By 21, I had a best selling book and was being taught how to write for newspapers by one of the leading journalists and editors of our times, Bob Hart, (News Corporation, Australia). By 22 I had successful columns in several newspapers and industry magazines.

Today after 20 years of writing- and I do not mean just food writing, but mainstream, opinion editorials, interviews and personal stories, I am proud of all my 16 non-fiction titles published worldwide and 2 collaborative efforts in fiction.

I have been a successful writer for more than a decade for magazines as both a male and female (dont blame me- I was commisioned to fill in for 2 months after a journalism major failed to write her column and then I remained in place for nearly 5 years), I have written for numerous industry magazines and have also enjoyed numerous newspaper gigs.

In the beginning I cooked under AARON MAREE and wrote under other guises to save the book sales from being tarnished by my personal opinions in print.
Today book sales matter less and as the words fill my head faster than I can get them down on laptop print, I am removing the masks and letting the world see me for the writer/jourlnalist/author I really am.

Today I am coming out of the closet. Not Literally - but literary ha ha ha

I am AARON MAREE, aka James Claire, Leon Sewell, Colin Sewell, Hard Headed Woman, Womentality and many others..

Just ENJOY the words- it matters not the name of the person who wrote them; what matters is the emotions they convey and the joy the words bring to those who read them.

2014 DAILY TRIBUNE Byline Column ONE MANS VIEW By Colin Sewell
2014 Contributed To MORE MY BEAUTIFUL BAHRAIN, Second Edition - Story by AARON MAREE "Where being Nice Pays"
2014 Currently producing the 2015 cookbook for Red House Marketing the third cookbook by James Claire
2014 James Claires #2 Festive Fare Cookbook (8500 copies to print)
2013-ongoing Fulltime journalist for the DAILY TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER, Bahrain’s 2nd largest English newspaper with weekly columns One Mans View, News Flakes and Celebrity Food.
2013-on going “He Says” Column, (James Claire Byline) Woman This Month Magazine
2012 James Claire's Beautiful Bahrain Cookbook (3500 copies printed)
2012 - NYPA Corporation Corporate brochure articles by Aaron Maree and James Claire
2012 - My Beautiful Bahrain – Anthology of Bahrain stories – “Pearls” by Aaron Maree
2008 - ongoing “Last Word Column” by James Claire
2009 - 2013 “WoMentality” column (Hard Headed Woman Byline ) for WOMAN THIS MONTH MAGAZINE

2011 ARABIAN DREAMS (Motivate Publishing) (OCT 2010) New Age Ideas with Middle Eastern Desserts
164 pages 50 recipes plus notes and basic recipes for production of five star modern Creations in Middle Eastern sphere of dessert cookery.
• Voted one of the top 57 cookbooks in the world – Paris December 2010
• Voted Best Arabic Title Cookbook in the World- March 2011
2010-Freelance for -Oh La La Magazine
-Woman This Month Magazine
-Bahrain This Month Magazine
-Caterer magazine (Dubai)
-Hotelier Magazine
-Hotel and Restaurant Guide
2001- Dip Me In Chocolate
1997- Classic Desserts
1990-1996- NEWS CORPORATION Byline for Courier mail/Sunday Mail Tried and Tasted with Aaron Maree
1995- Sweet Health
1994-1996 Brisbane News by Queenland media Corp, “Brisbanes’ Best Bite by Aaron Maree, Brisbane News
1994- Passion for Chocolate Aaron Maree Pamela Allardice
1993- Chocolate Cookery with Aaron Maree
1993- Cadbury Chocolate Cookery with Aaron Maree
1991-1997- Columnist for Hospitality Industry magazine, (Victoria) Australasian distribution
1992- Finishing TouchSeries; Petit Fours/ Sweet Treats/ Festive Treats/ Chocolate Delights
1991-Cookies Biscuits and slices of the world
1990- Cakes, Tortes and Gateaux of the world

James Claire - The Scribe

For weeks now I have met with friends and spoken to writing colleagues about my writers block. I always have something to say but I had not been able to scribe recently. No, putting mind into gigabytes , the new version of pen to paper, I guess.


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