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Aaron Knoll is an award winning author whose multiple books on gin have been translated into six languages. His work frequently appears in Artisan Spirit and Gin Magazine in addition to his long-running website www.theginisin.com which has been devoted to covering gin for over ten years. Aaron is a recognized gin expert and has judged gin with the American Distilling Institute, World Gin Awards and other regional competitions.

Aaron has been researching how consumers communicate about gin since 2012— using both quantitative data from his website and qualitative studies like interviews and card sorting. Aaron consults with distillers on gin product design, gin history and taste-testing. He can be reached through his website www.theginisin.com.

Aaron Knoll // UX Denver
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Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Gin Revival is my second book on Gin and is coming out in 2015 with Jacqui Small and Quarto Group.

Lockhouse Distillery -

It's a spring morning in Buffalo. The sun is barely peeking over the horizon. Cory Muscato is out in the park with a small handheld vacuum cleaner thoroughly scouring the ground for fallen cherry blossoms. In a short few hours, those blossoms are going to be sitting in a gin basket at Lockhouse's downtown distillery.

Warner Edwards Distillery -

The Warner Edwards team is on a mission: 'save the world from mediocre gin'. Founder Tom Warner said, 'It's about natural flavouring: 217 elderflower heads in the Elderflower; half a kilo of sloes in the Sloe; 34 per cent of every bottle of Rhubarb Gin is rhubarb juice.

Akavit and aquavit -

As per European Union Parliament Regulation (EC) No 110/2008 - the rather important one that lays out the criteria for each type of spirit produced in the European Union - aquavit and gin have something rather unusual in common. They are both among a handful of spirits that by definition include the subjective character of taste.

The Botanicals -

Lavender and coriander may at first seem like opposites. Coriander's popularity in gin is as old as the spirit itself, featuring in gins like Gordon's, Beefeater and Plymouth. Coriander's rate of inclusion in gin is second to only juniper. On the other side, there's lavender.

the GIN is IN
Fake Gin?

"In a world where the word "Fake" gets thrown around as a prefix to nearly any word (cough "fake news") it was inevitable that someone would coin the term "Fake Gin." Hayman's (makers of several quite excellent gins) has launched a campaign titled " Call Time on Fake Gin."

Aaron Knoll Archives -

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