Aaron Sharp

Professional Writer

Location icon United States of America

I am a weekly columnist for the Odessa American newspaper, and the author of four books: I Didn't Sign Up for This published by Discovery House Publishers, Everything the Bible Says about Parenting and Children and What Does God Say about That? published by Bethany House Publishers. My fourth book, co-written with my wife, The Most Important Women of the Bible will be released by Bethany House Publishers in late 2017. Additionally, my writing has been published in Learning Through History Magazine, Discipleship Journal, Leben Journal, In Touch Magazine, Marriage Partnership Magazine, and The Lookout Magazine.

I am a Master of Theology graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. I live in Little Elm, Tx with my wife and our four children.

Today's Christian Woman
Compromise and the Piece of Furniture

I was right. Not just a little bit, but 100 percent right, just like I am with all the disagreements between my wife and me. And yet, somehow my wife could not see the flawlessness of my logic.

Odessa American
A SHARP LIFE: Important questions about life and PB&J

The end of school this year meant that our 6-year-old Zoologist was officially done with kindergarten. I have fond memories of kindergarten, after all it was three of the best years of my life, so I thought that I would ask him some questions about the experience. Things are a little different now.

Odessa American
A SHARP LIFE: Ignore that spot on the ceiling

With everything else going on in the world you probably did not realize it, but June 13th is the annual recognition of National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. Most of you had plans this Tuesday that ignored this important day, but now that you know, you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Odessa American
A SHARP LIFE: Raising children brings questions, exhaustion

I live in a house with my wife and three small humans. The Zoologist is 6, the Ballerina is 4, and the Demolitions Expert is 21 months. The arrival of a fourth child is imminent. By imminent I mean that at any moment I may have to stop writing this because my dear saint of a wife has gone into labor.

Today's Christian Woman
Is it 50/50 or Half and Half?

A few years ago my parents and I shared a meal with my paternal grandparents. While any meal at "Nanny and Papaw's" was an adventure, this time was especially entertaining. At the time, my grandfather and my father shared a hunting lease, and over lunch the subject of making deer sausage came up.

Friday Night Out With the Kids: A Diary

Today the five-year-old zoologist had a dentist appointment to fix a cavity. This is a fairly traumatic event for a occasionally dramatic little boy so we decided to give him something to look forward to and promised to go out to eat, and then to the toy store so that each of the kids could spend money they were given by their Pops and Nindee for Valentine’s Day. This is a diary of that experience that I hope will serve as a warning to me the next time I think about taking my kids out in public.