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Marketing Strategist - Open to Opportunities

A self-motivated team player and personable leader with a history of developing, implementing, and managing results-oriented go-to-market strategies.


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Manscaped Finds Direct-to-Consumer Success with LiveIntent

Manscaped is a direct-to-consumer company with a focus on men's grooming products. Founded at the beginning of 2017, the brand initially grew thanks to organic search, as well as from acquisition efforts on Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Knowledge Base
Auction Management Tool

Auction Management Tool The Auction Management tool is a reporting resource for publishers that provides insights into a publisher's inventory dynamics. The tool outlines the reasons why advertisers are losing out on a publisher's inventory, called "Loss Reasons." The insights gleaned from the Auction Management tool allow publishers to capture and maximize revenue -- a concept called yield optimization.

LiveIntent Blog
Stick To Your 2019 Marketing Resolutions with LiveIntent

If you're like us, then you know that sticking to your New Year's resolutions takes a lot of focus. While we can't help you spend less on delivery meals or learn a new language, LiveIntent is here to help you keep your marketing and advertising resolutions alive.

Knowledge Base
Trafficking Ads for Email in DV360

Trafficking Ads for Email in DV360 Within Display & Video 360, ads running on the LiveIntent platform must be set up as native ads. The LiveIntent platform uses an image flattening service to render creative components as a single image within the banner size(s) supported by your chosen supply partners.

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Access to Capital: A Dun & Bradstreet Community
Startup Funding

The goal of every startup is virtually the same: grow to the point where you no longer are considered a "startup." After all, who starts a company with the intention of remaining a startup? While startups may use many different strategies to grow, each approach has one common denominator: funding.

Access to Capital: A Dun & Bradstreet Community
Crowdfunding to Grow Your Business

Despite how it's portrayed in mass media, crowdfunding is not an effective means for "going viral." Instead, when planned correctly and used accordingly, crowdfunding can create a community of engaged customers that can catalyze an ongoing marketing and fundraising campaign. Know what you are looking for?

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