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I am Aakash Chhabra, 22. I work at The Indian Express as a Books and Culture Editor. I have a peculiar interest in theology and literature. I'm an avid reader and traveller. I possess an academic background in journalism and publishing.

Veiled: Writing and life of Ismat Chughtai

Any study on Urdu short stories, feminism in South-East Asia and progressive ideology in Urdu literature is incomplete without taking into account the works of Ismat Chughtai. A disposition of rebel in an orthodox patriarchal society, bold protagonists, outspoken and brash rebellion - Ismat Chughtai never failed to raise eyebrows.

The Vegetarian: Han Kang rejects more than meat

"The Vegetarian" has become a cult international bestseller since it first appeared on shelves in 2007. Publication rights have been sold in nearly 20 countries and it was adapted into a Korean film that played at Sundance in 2010. When Han Kang's surreal and intense novella The Vegetarian was published in 2007, it baffled the readers.

Safdar Hashmi: The new word, the wake up call, the cult of defiance

Hashmi performed Kursi, Kursi, Kursi before the Emergency to critique the government; Machine on demands of factory workers; and Hatyare, against communal riots in Aligarh. The new word is Safdar Hashmi Safdar Hashmi means waking up It was the first day of the year 1989.