Christy Marie

Writer and Documentary Film Producer and Lover of Words and Stories

Location icon United States

"This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous"

Gregory Lazzarato, was born to stand out. Gigi Gorgeous wants to blend in. A family’s love never wavers. A story of acceptance and the importance of being yourself, "Gigi Gorgeous: This Is Everything" takes us on one woman’s brave journey of self-discovery.

"New Homeland"

What’s good for boys from the middle of Ohio, and for boys from Toronto, is good for boys from Syria and Iraq. Camp Pathfinder is in the business of inclusion, and has opened its doors to five refugee children who will experience the tough and rewarding bonds of rustic camplife.

Filmmaker Statement, Press Kit
"A Murder In Mansfield"

Meeting Collier, who is such a bright and vibrant person, it is hard to imagine how haunted he must be. As a child, he lost his mother, his father, his sister, his dog, his home, and the life he knew. Life is unfair and unjust and it is inconceivable that a child could endure so much heartache. After filming, I left with a different perspective on life: hopefully, we will never face anything like the terrible trauma of Collier’s past, but Collier is a reminder that one can take control of...