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Michael L. McAfee

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Born the son of an American soldier while he was “in service” to our nation, I was reared to understand and reverence the cause of liberty. While that was a singular, fundamental principle which has directed my life and learning, it in no way limited my unquenchable thirst to know about everything. That thirst is still just as strong as it was in my youth, for in my maturity I have discovered other reasons for which to value the concepts of freedom, relationship (marriage, family, and friends), truth, and responsibility before God – without which life as we know it would have no purpose, no meaning.

Now, as I look forward to retirement, my objective is to serve in some ways that are perhaps now more critical than ever to our nation. Freedom as we have known it, purchased and renewed continually throughout our history by the blood of faithful American soldiers, has little if any meaning to some in the millennial generation. That is an issue I hope to address.

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