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Freelance Writer, Editor and Content Strategist

United States

Amy Sherman is a San Francisco–based writer, recipe developer, and editorial director of Professor Media Group which includes Cheese Professor, Alcohol Professor, Olive OIl Professor, and the Chocolate Professor. She also contributes to Martha Stewart and Southern Living. You can find her previous work in magazines including San Francisco, Marin, Westways, Where Traveler, Wine Enthusiast, Via, Gastronomica, and Caviar Affair. She has written for online food, travel and lifestyle publications including Afar, AllRecipes, Architectural Digest, Tasting Table, Food Network, Epicurious, KQED's Bay Area Bites, Fodor's, 7x7, Frommer's and CleanPlates.

She develops recipes for clients including Whole Foods, Grocery Outlet, Dannon, Cargill, Keurig, Colman, T-fal, USA Pears, MyWinesDirect and the California Avocado Commission.

She is the author of Williams-Sonoma New Flavors for Appetizers and WinePassport: Portugal, A Microwave, A Mug, A Meal and wrote the new introduction to Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book and the foreward to the reprint of the Betty Crocker Good & Easy Cookbook.

Southern Living
Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour recipe is more than 100 years old, but it's still fashionable for lovers of good cocktails. Learn how to make a Whiskey Sour at home.

Southern Living
What Is Fatback?

Fatback is exactly what it sounds like: the fat from the back of a pig.

Martha Stewart
The Best Smart Ovens at Every Price Point

From digital air fryer toaster ovens to smart ovens that use steam and convection to ones that heat up in seconds using halogen cooking lamps, explore the top-rated options in countertop smart ovens we've evaluated including June, Brava, Anova, Ninja, and Tovala.

Martha Stewart
How to Clean and Maintain Your Smoker, According to Experts

Experts say it's important to maintain your smoker and here they share the simple steps to clean a smoker between use. Also how to clean a smoker if you use it seasonally, plus what cleaners should not used and why.

Martha Stewart
What Is a Countertop Smart Oven?

Kitchens are getting smarter: Smart speakers, smart phones, and tablets allow home cooks to access recipes, cooking videos, order groceries, and more with one tap of a screen or by asking the right question.

The Cheese Professor
Try a Cheese Baker For Heavenly Melted Cheese | The Cheese Professor

Move over fondue pot and make way for the cheese baker. It's a versatile piece of bakeware, easier to use than a fondue pot, and yields gooey cheese for dipping or spreading on bread or crackers. Perfect for entertaining, it can also be used to make a quick meal or late-night snack.

Impatient Foodie
Zen of Risotto

Personal essay about cooking and anxiety

These Top-Rated Mezze Recipes Celebrate Small Plate Dining

Small plate dining is common in many parts of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Known as tapas in Spain and cicchetti in Italy, mezze is just a selection of little nibbles served with drinks. Although it's a great appetizer course, a combination of mezze dishes can also serve as a snack, party fare, or even a main meal.

Visit Half Moon Bay
Get Outdoors in Half Moon Bay: Activities for the Whole Family

If you're looking for the right destination for a multigenerational family group, you've found it. One of the great joys of Half Moon Bay is the myriad of outdoor activities that are easily accessible for everyone from kids to grandparents.

Martha Stewart
Four Different Ways to Tenderize Meat

A chef and meat expert explains four different ways to tenderize any type of meat, beef, pork, poultry, lamb, or goat. From using a meat tenderizer to cooking low and slow, here we demystify the techniques used to tenderize meat.

Martha Stewart
How to Use a Smoker, According to an Expert

Here's what you need to know to get started cooking low and slow with wood chips for that smoked to perfection flavor. Nothing says summer quite like the smoky scent of barbecue. According to Elizabeth Karmel, "Grill Girl" and author of Taming the Flame ($8.24,, you can smoke food on any grill, from a charcoal Weber-style kettle to a ceramic egg-shaped grill or propane grill.

Martha Stewart
Can You Recalibrate Your Oven?

If you think your oven's temperature might be off, you may want to look into having it professionally recalibrated.

Martha Stewart
How to Substitute Cultured Dairy Products in Baking Recipes

Find out what to use if you don't have buttermilk, sour cream, or yogurt you need. Whether you're baking for fun or as a way to help you get through challenging times, any amount of time spent in the kitchen can be a great distraction.

16 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce - along with turkey, sweet potatoes, and pie of course - is a must on every Thanksgiving table. Sweet and tangy with a brilliant jewel tone, it's the perfect complement to the relatively mild flavored turkey and turkey sandwiches.

The Cheese Professor
Truffles and Cheese | The Cheese Professor

Bursting with umami, an irresistible savory flavor that we all crave, truffles and cheese are a seductive combination of earthy aroma and creamy richness. According to Jason McKinney one of the founders of Truffle Shuffle, a company that specializes in selling high-quality truffles and truffle products, truffles were once believed to be poisonous, but when farmers saw pigs eating them, "They realized they weren't poisonous after all and gave them a try.

Ice Cream: Classic Sweet Indulgence Breaks the Mold

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. Not just any ice cream, either, but small-batch, ultra-premium ice cream. According to the most recent State of the Industry report by Dairy Foods magazine, indulgence, variety and high quality are all trends that have traction and have helped to build a new category of artisanal ice cream.

Martha Stewart
Is It Safe to Freeze Yogurt?

Experts weigh-in on the best techniques and explain whether or not freezing your dairy products is a good idea.

Martha Stewart
How to Use Rose Water in Cooking and Baking

We explain what rose water is and how rose water is used in both savory and sweet dishes in different cuisines and how it enhances all kinds of baked goods. And we share tips on shopping for and storing rose water.

How to Cook with Coffee

Coffee is a versatile ingredient that can and should be used in many recipes. You may start every day with a cup of joe, but it shouldn't end there. Coffee adds depth, richness, and boosts flavor in so many recipes. Here's a guide to cooking and baking with coffee, including top-rated recipes to try.

Visit Half Moon Bay
Exploring Devil's Slide and Highway One: Walk the Pacific Coast Highway

Today, Devil's Slide is no longer so "devilish." Instead it's a serene and spectacular path for communing with nature, seeing wildlife, feeling the sea breezes, and enjoying the beauty of the coastline. Devil's Slide, completed in 1937, was particularly treacherous, due to road collapses and accidents.

Martha Stewart
The Essential Equipment You Need to Start Smoking Meats at Home

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. While anyone can flip burgers on the grill, but it takes true dedication to master the art of smoking meat.

How to Soften Cream Cheese

In a hurry? We've got you covered. Cream cheese is a soft, fresh, creamy cheese that is used in dips, sauces, and baked goods, and as a spread. It is often combined with other ingredients, especially in recipes like jalapeño poppers, cheesecake, cream cheese danishes, cookies or pound cake, cream cheese frosting, or casseroles such as creamy enchiladas.

How to Make Baking Powder

Learn to make baking powder using another essential baking ingredient - baking soda.

Martha Stewart
The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

It's fast and safe so why aren't we all cooking with induction? Induction cooking may very well be the wave of the future. It has long been popular in Europe, especially in professional kitchens. Now, according to , due to concerns about climate change, cities and counties in California are adopting new building codes that ban natural gas in new homes and support all electric construction.

Napa Valley Register
Greek Feta, ancient and modern

Walk into a supermarket in Greece and you'll find as many as 60 different packages of feta in refrigerated cases and up to 15 kinds of feta at the deli counter. Mentioned in Homer's "Odyssey" and in the tale of Polyphemus the Cyclops, some researchers believe feta dates back 8,000 years and the methods by which it is made are still basically the same as ever.

No-Mess Foil Packet Dinners

You probably already know that aluminum foil can be used for lining sheet pans and wrapping food for storage, but did you know it can be used to make your entire dinner? By making a packet with aluminum foil you can cook all kinds of things on the grill or in the oven.

What to Serve With Gazpacho

Gazpacho, the most famous of all Spanish soups, is a cool and refreshing blend of the best of garden fresh produce - tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Whether you like it chunky or silky smooth, it's a great substitute for salad and complements a wide variety of dishes.

15 Best Coffee Cakes for Your At-Home Coffee Breaks

Nothing makes a coffee break better than a slice of cake. Originally coffee cakes came from the Viennese kaffekuchen and were made with yeast, but today most American coffee cakes are similar to quick bread. Coffee cakes are usually made with baking powder or baking soda rather than yeast, require no time to let the dough rise, and bake in under an hour.

20 Easy Summer Dinner Recipes

Designed to keep you cool, these quick and easy summer dinner recipes rely mostly on pantry staples, and they will give you more time to enjoy lazy days and take full advantage of the season and all that summer has to offer.

15 Ways to Get Cookin' With Cornflakes

Want to add crispy crunch to whatever you're cooking? A box of cornflakes breakfast cereal is the answer! The light, crispy, sweet flakes are a home cook's secret ingredient, and work in both sweet and savory recipes. No need to fry when you can bread your chicken or fish with sweet crunchy flakes and oven-bake instead.

Martha Stewart
How to Freeze Fresh Vegetables and Herbs

Home freezers are essential for maintaining a constant supply of ice cream and ice, but they're also good for preserving and storing an over-abundance of fresh produce and herbs. Used efficiently, the freezer can also help to cut down on food waste and reduce the frequent need to shop for fresh ingredients.

Martha Stewart
How Long Can You Safely Store Leftovers?

We love using leftovers but when is it safer to toss them? More cooking often means more leftovers, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Having leftovers can mean the next day's lunch is taken care of, or they can help you put together a quick meal at the end of a long day.

What Is Miso?

Head to any Japanese restaurant and you'll likely be served a bowl of creamy and cloudy miso soup, perhaps with some tofu and green onion. Used as a pungent and rich flavoring ingredient in many dishes in addition to soup, miso is a paste made from a combination of soybeans, plus grains fermented with molds, bacteria and yeasts.

From Hawaii With Love

Sushi was once considered unimaginable to most Americans-who in their right mind would want to eat raw fish?-but similar to how sushi made its way into the mainstream, poke is following in its footsteps decades later. Poke, a diced raw fish specialty, originates from Hawaii.

Martha Stewart
How to Safely Share Baked Goods During Social Distancing

The world feels like a very uncertain place these days, but one thing is for sure: Practically everyone has taken up baking. If recent retail reports are any indication, it's likely that you have stocked up on butter, flour, and yeast. Online searches around bread, no-knead bread, and banana bread have reached all-time highs.

Open for Business
Seeing 2020: Industry Experts on Food Trends to Watch - Open for Business

The beginning of the year always brings a myriad of predictions and trend forecasts from various sources in the world of food and restaurants. It can be overwhelming to read them all, so we've done the hard work, homing in on what's most relevant for chefs and operators today.

15 Overnight Brunch Recipes for Easter

The best Easter celebrations feature egg hunts, Spring bonnets, and a festive brunch. Whether you are serving a sit-down meal or a buffet, we have great recipes for all your favorite Easter dishes and more. This year, make it a relaxed brunch, with no last-minute scrambling to get food on the table.

Open for Business
Giving Thanks to Your Restaurant Family - Open for Business

It's natural that if your staff is happy, your guests will be happy too. When the holidays roll around, it's a good time to think about taking hospitality to the next level - not just for guests, but also for your employees. We spoke with several restaurateurs to learn how they nurture their team and ...

Open for Business
The Wisdom of Joyce Goldstein - Open for Business

Joyce Goldstein is a restaurant consultant, food scholar, and true culinary icon. The James Beard Foundation named her Best Chef: California in 1994 and also included her in the Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America. She worked as a chef of the Café at Chez Panisse; was the founder and director of the ...

Open for Business
Beyond zero food waste with Zero Foodprint - Open for Business

The USDA estimates that 30 to 40% of the United States' food supply is wasted, so it's not surprising that one key element of the zero waste movement is reducing food waste in particular. Some cities like San Francisco and New York are passing legislation to achieve the goal of zero waste, and restaurants in ...

Open for Business
Domestic Caviar: A Primer - Open for Business

Besides being California's state capital, Sacramento is also the domestic caviar capital, with a combination of local producers - both large and small - supplying about 80% of caviar production in the US. Not surprisingly, given their proximity to the producers, Sacramento restaurants are particularly savvy when it comes to sourcing, selling, and serving domestic ...

Wine Enthusiast
Beyond Bubbles: What to Drink with Caviar

Champagne and vodka are classic pairings for caviar. The former matches luxury with luxury, while the latter speaks to the common homelands for both products. Champagne's acidity and bubbles and vodka's crisp booziness are perfect foils for the richness and saltiness of cured roe.

Time Out San Francisco
The 11 best steakhouses in San Francisco

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Time Out Napa
The 10 best Napa Valley wine tours to sip and see Wine Country

If Napa is Northern California's land of wine-fueled luxury, with its chic wineries and tasting rooms, Sonoma is its laid back cousin: equally as beautiful with vineyards producing vintages just as world-class, but less crowded and somewhat more humble.

Time Out San Francisco
Best cheap eats in San Francisco to get more bang for your buck

San Francisco is a wonderland of bargain bites. Depending upon the neighborhood, you can find affordable tacos, ramen, slices of pizza and banh mi sandwiches galore, but the real challenge lies in finding a complete meal in the $10 range.

Time Out Napa
10 best Napa wine tastings with no appointment required

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Open for Business
3 Creative Recipes for Marketing Success - Open for Business

When it comes to restaurant marketing, winemaker dinners and charity events are two of the most common activations. While those events can build excitement and help promote visibility, they aren't the only events that work. Out-of-the-box thinking is required to develop new partnerships that can break through the noise and represent a win for the ...

Time Out San Francisco
The 8 best cooking classes in San Francisco for foodies

Dining out at one of the best restaurants in San Francisco is hard to beat, but sometimes you have to eat at home (your wallet will thank you) and there's no reason your at-home meals can't be delicious. Need to freshen up your kitchen skills?

Martha Stewart
How to Buy Affordable Caviar

Caviar has long been considered an extravagance-and at $95 and up for an ounce, that's not surprising. The good news is that today there is a wider choice of caviar and other cured fish roe, making it's more accessible than ever. And guess what? It's also healthy.

Martha Stewart
A Guide to Regional Barbecue Sauces

American regional styles of barbecue are distinguished by types of meat, such as brisket versus spareribs, and also by the many different kinds of barbecue sauce available. Some sauces are used in cooking and others are served on the side. Here is a rundown of the most important styles of barbecue sauce.

Open for Business
Farm to Bar: 10 Tips to Elevate a Bar Program - Open for Business

Christiaan Röllich leads the bar program for the Los Angeles-based Lucques restaurant group, which includes a.o.c., Tavern, and Lucques. Originally from the Netherlands, Röllich gains inspiration from the produce available in Southern California and the farm-to-table ethos. Röllich is also the author of Bar Chef: Handcrafted Cocktails a new cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes for syrups, ...

Top Barbecue Joints in the West | Via

The debate is likely to rage on forever about which region serves the greatest style of American barbecue. But you won't be dissapointed at these top BBQ spots, including Oakland's Smokin Woods BBQ, Phoenix's Trapp Haus BBQ, Santa Maria Valley's Far Western Tavern, and more.

Caviar Affair
The New School of Caviar

As the delicacy goes viral in San Francisco, restaurants offer a wave of innovative takes.

10 Things You Must Eat and Drink in Cornwall | Frommer's

Cornwall is undergoing an artisanal food boom. Thanks to a mild temperature and extensive coastline, this picturesque county in the southwest of England already has a bounty of food, from high-quality local seafood and produce to top dairy products and traditional baked goods both sweet and savory.

Architectural Digest
A Stunning New Mexico Property Prepares for the Future | Architectural Digest

Los Poblanos has a long and storied history, dating back to the 14th century when the Anasazi Pueblo people lived on the property; it was also part of a land grant in 1716. More recently it has included a residence, a working dairy, model experimental farm, and a center for cultural activities.

Food Network
Hit the Culinary Jackpot in Reno, Nevada

Abalone at Atlantis Steakhouse Housed in the casino of the same name, this acclaimed restaurant features all the trappings of a high-end steakhouse: a sleek interior, stellar wines and splurge-worthy cuts. Flambeed dishes add a touch of drama to the Atlantis Steakhouse dining experience, with the Steak Diane, Bananas Foster and Cherries Jubilee all set aflame in tableside presentations.

Destination: San Francisco 2018

Your Life Enjoy Dining and Entertaining We know our Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmembers are pretty savvy when it comes to knowing great places to grab a bite, have some fun, or enjoy a drink...or two. So we took a cue from where our Sapphire Reserve cardmembers visit to develop our Sapphire Six Lists.

Visit Half Moon Bay
Three Days in Half Moon Bay: For Families

Go for a ride Ease into the weekend with a horseback ride. Sea Horse Ranch offers guided trail and beach rides to horseback riders of all levels and kids as young as 7 years old. Spectacular scenery, friendly guides and sweet horses ensure a memorable experience.

Open for Business
From Incarceration to Work at Cala, Cafe Momentum + Edwins

A shortage of labor is often cited as one of the top challenges to the restaurant industry, but that's not what you'll hear from restaurateurs at in San Francisco, Cafe Momentum in Dallas, and in Cleveland.

Dollar Car Rental
3 Neighborhoods for San Francisco Comfort Food

San Francisco is a city of many neighborhoods, each with its own good eats. Should you eat your fill of sourdough bread and fresh crab down at Fisherman's Wharf? Most definitely - but don't stop there because San Fran has so much more to offer.

Time Out San Francisco
The best barbecue in San Francisco

San Francisco may not be known for a specific style of barbecue, but we are gaining 'cue cred thanks to these talented pit masters

Open for Business
The World's #50BestTalks Come to San Francisco - Open for Business

The World's 50 Best Restaurants convened in San Francisco this past week, bringing their speaker series, 50Best Talks, to the city by the bay. The event attended by chefs, media and guests began with an introduction by group editor, William Drew, who noted that San Francisco was an ideal venue for a discussion on how the culinary world can champion a more diverse future.

AFAR Media
How to Have a Perfect Summer Adventure in Cornwall, England

Once summertime rolls around, it's only natural to want to escape the big cities for some serious beach time. You'll find that, plus a whole lot more, just a four- to five-hour drive from London in the county of Cornwall , in southwest England.

The Brief History of Pastrami

It's not entirely wrong to think of pastrami as American. The classic New York deli meat made from cured, smoked, and spiced beef was an innovation of Romanian immigrants who came to the United States in the late 19th century.

Noodle News: A Boom of Ramen and Udon in San Francisco

Everyone loves noodles, especially Japanese noodles. This year in San Francisco you’ll find new and creative ramen, including Yo-Kai Express ramen vending machines, Ippudo, a Japanese trendsetter and the self-proclaimed king of ramen, and soon-to-open Ramenwell in the Mission, where the menu w

Fine Fare for Less

New offshoots from Michelin star restaurants in San Francisco

Visit Half Moon Bay
Three Days in Half Moon Bay: For Foodies

Half Moon Bay is a dream for foodies. From May through December the Coastside farmer's market showcases some of the best in local produce, but year round you'll find outstanding farms, seafood and great restaurants that utilize the best local products. Here are some top picks for a long weekend getaway.

Tasting Table
Why Renting an Airbnb Just Got Even Better

Ten years ago, Airbnb began with just two inflatable air mattresses on the floor of a San Francisco apartment. Today, the service offers 4.5 million listings in 81,000 cities around the world. That sheer volume can make it challenging to find the perfect place to lay your head, and-let's face it-not everyone wants to sleep on someone's living room couch.

Wine Enthusiast
Surprise! You Can Pair Bourbon and Cheese

Wine lovers aren’t the only ones who get to have fun with cheese pairings. We take a look at why Bourbon and cheese are a match made in heaven.

Tasting Table
Ramen Vending Machines Have Made Their Way to the U.S.

Three years ago, semiconductor engineer Andy Lin woke up hungry in the middle of the night and wondered why he couldn't get a decent bowl of ramen from a vending machine, like he could in Asia. Four prototypes later, his Yo-Kai Express vending machine is dispensing steaming-hot bowls of ramen at the Metreon, a shopping and cinema complex in San Francisco.

Good Beats: Unwind with Live Music in Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada, is a great place to listen to live music. If you're in town for business check out these must-see musical venues. As the third largest city in Canada, Vancouver is an important stop on international tours for the hottest musical superstars in every genre.

Open for Business
The Slanted Door Returns to OpenTable: Charles Phan Shares His Wisdom

James Beard Award-winning Slanted Door is the quintessential modern Vietnamese restaurant and is frequently ranked by Restaurant Business magazine as one of the top 100 independent restaurants in America. Originally the restaurant was located in the Mission District but moved to the San Francisco Ferry Building and quickly became an anchor tenant.

Open for Business
Go Big or Go Home: One Market turns 25

It's One Market restaurant's 25th anniversary, and an invitation announces a cocktail party celebration with hors-d'oeuvres, libations, and live entertainment from 5:30 until 7:30

Home Buying and Owner Advice
Living in South of Market: San Francisco Neighborhood Guide

South of Market - known as SoMa to locals - is a large area that encompasses various neighborhoods with distinct personalities. Yerba Buena boasts the convention center and several museums, South Park holds the San Francisco Giants' home ballpark within its borders and the intersection of 11th Street and Folsom is home to SoMa's main nightlife district.

Whipped Ricotta: The New Crème Fraîche

Whipped Ricotta: The New Crème Fraîche Ricotta is the black dress of Italian cheeses. It's not only versatile and affordable, but with the help of a food processor and a touch of lemon juice and olive oil, any home cook can turn it into a new cheese altogether-one that's luxuriously creamy and spreadable.

Tasting Table
The New Taco-Croissant Combo You Didn't Seeing Coming

It's been five years since pastry genius Dominique Ansel introduced the Cronut-a combination of croissant and doughnut that proved to be irresistible, causing crazy-long lines and spawning imitators far and wide. Fast-forward three years to the cragel, a croissant-bagel created by The Bagel Store in Brooklyn.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine
The Secret Formula for Making Perfect Mocktails | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

The classic components of a cocktail are alcohol, a sour element (like citrus juice) and a sweet element (like simple syrup). But what about mocktails? That old ratio of two parts alcohol, one part sour, and one part sweet doesn't quite work without the alcohol.

Eat Salad with Your Hands at San Francisco's True Laurel

Salad isn’t usually finger food, but True Laurel proves that with the right treatment, it can be. The food menu at the cocktail bar from Lazy Bear’s David Barzelay features bar snacks, which are often elevated or reinvented comfort food.

Comforts Cafe's Chinese Chicken Salad

The dish: The Chinese Chicken Salad consists of strips of marinated and barbecued chicken breast with a mix of shredded romaine and iceberg lettuce, crispy rice noodles, scallions, toasted almonds, sesame seeds and a slightly sweet sesame rice vinaigrette.

San Francisco neighbourhoods | Things to do | British Airways

Whether you want to delve into the city's history, shop till you drop, museum hop or take in a ball game, you'll find it all in this local's guide to four of San Francisco's neighbourhoods. Union Square Union Square is the name of San Francisco's central shopping, hotel, and theatre district.

Meet the Farmer: Moira Kuhn

Who: Moira Kuhn Farm: Marin Roots Farm Where: Petaluma Background: Kuhn found her perfect fit in farming, which is in line with her "big core values." It's challenging, makes a difference in her community and is something she's passionate about.

Marin Classics: Half Day Cafe

Year established:1986 Owner: Tory Monahan, daughter of the original owners Claim to fame: Legendary orange currant scones Background: " Half Day Cafe has been around so long that there used to be a smoking section," says Tory Monahan who has personally been at Half Day Cafe since her parents opened it in 1986.

Home Buying and Owner Advice
Buyer's Guide: 5 San Francisco Neighborhoods to Consider

San Francisco is the top city for quality of life in the United States, according to Mercer. It has many of the advantages of a world-class city, while still having a relatively small population with just under 871,000 residents. Its proximity to booming Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area are just some qualities that make it a desirable location.

Home Buying and Owner Advice
15 Things You Should Know About Living in San Francisco

Living in San Francisco can be a dream. It's a welcoming place, offering plenty of charm and character. It's also a hotbed of artistic creativity and innovation in technology. The city's beauty, access to nature and mild weather make it easy to love but also contribute to its desirability - and the consequential high cost of living.

Filipino Cuisine Offers a Unique Culinary Fusion

Influenced by the individuality within their multicultural cuisine, Filipino-American chefs are moving their food into the spotlight by leveraging modern techniques and local ingredients. "Filipino cuisine is real fusion," says Manila-raised Francis Ang, chef-owner of Pinoy Heritage in San Francisco.

Tasting Table
Spent Grain Bread Is the Boozy Carb We've Been Waiting For

Bread and beer are practically cousins, according to pastry chef and culinary instructor Jenni Field. "They contain the same ingredients: water, grain, yeast-and both have a maverick sensibility in the U.S.," Field says.

Tasting Table
It's OK to Eat Veal (and Not Feel Bad About It)

Veal is a delicacy enjoyed since biblical times and greatly prized in the cuisines of many countries in Europe. Traditional dishes include blanquette de veau in France, Wiener schnitzel from Austria and saltimbocca in Italy-but Americans hardly eat much veal, about one-third pound per capita. The reason many people avoid eating veal?

Visit London's Top Attractions in 24 Hours

If you're only in London, UK for a short time you're in luck, as most attractions are close to each other. From enjoying the long history and politics of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, to the sights and sounds of Piccadilly Circus, here are the top attractions to visit on your whirlwind trip to the British capital.

Why Indian Food Might Be the Most Exciting Cuisine in San Francisco Right Now

San Francisco is home to some notable Indian restaurants, but lately, the entire Indian food scene has stepped up its game, better reflecting the vibrant and varied cuisine of the world’s second most populous country. Menus now feature more local ingredients, dishes made using modern as well a

Open for Business
Farallon Restaurant Turns 20: Dale Forrest + Jason Ryczek Reflect

In the restaurant business, making it to 20 years is a major milestone, especially in San Francisco where diners are always seeking out what's new. Farallon restaurant opened to rave reviews two decades ago, not just for the food under the direction of co-owner and chef Mark Franz but also for the fantastic underwater-themed interior design by co-owner Pat Kuleto.

Tasting Table
Spam Is Making an Unexpected Comeback, and It's Delicious

For most people, Spam is either the unwelcome clutter in their inboxes or a mystery meat. But in the Pacific Islands, it's no mystery at all. In Hawaii alone, seven million cans are sold each year, more than in any other state.

Napa Valley Register
Culinary Highlights from the Swedish Arctic

Swedish food isn't all meatballs and Princess cake. The Swedish Arctic offers a myriad of delicious surprises from berries that stay fresh in the dead of winter to a unique cheese that is made to be dunked in coffee. Here's what you'll eat and drink.

Do's & Don't's for Doing Good

Participating in events and donating to charity can give your restaurant exposure to new audiences and foster good will, but it can also be a drain on resources. So how do you choose which charity events to align with and where to donate?

OpenTable Blog
On the Rise: 6 Top Restaurant Bread Programs for Carb Lovers

Bread may be the staff of life, but it's hard to get excited about a hunk of partially sliced bread sitting in a basket. Fortunately, that seems to be changing. More and more restaurants are paying closer attention to the bread they serve.

AFAR Media
The Lunch Trend That We're Loving

What's old is new again-in this case, the luncheonette. Luncheonettes, or lunch counters, were commonly found in department stores and "five and dime" stores starting in the early 1900s and are now experiencing a serious comeback. While still quick, convenient, and budget-friendly, a closer look ...

Napa Valley Register
Nevis: Paradise Found

If you're not friends with Richard Branson and have yet to be invited to Necker Island, that's OK. There's actually another small island in the Caribbean that's just as quiet and unspoiled, blissfully free of casinos, duty free shopping and large cruise ships. The island of Nevis, however, has some serious celebrity cred.

Open for Business
The Partners: Evan and Sarah Rich of Rich Table on Five Years

Good partnerships are key to the success of all restaurants and they come in many forms. There is the partnership that arises with investors, the front of the house and the back of the house, and, in the case of Rich Table in San Francisco, co-chefs who happen to be a married couple.

Tasting Table
The Best Cheap Eats You Can Find in San Francisco

You don't have to resort to burgers, tacos or pizza if you want to eat well on a budget in San Francisco-quite the opposite, in fact. These seven picks offer out-of-the-ordinary eats for extraordinarily affordable prices. Chef James Moisey whips up comfort food favorites at Eat Americana, formerly known as Americana Grill, located in the Outer Richmond.

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Why We Should All Be Eating Pork That's Still Pink in the Middle

You probably grew up eating pork that was cooked well done and thoroughly gray, but-news flash!-that's no longer necessary. RELATED Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Parsnip-Apple Purée " The most recent guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicate that whole-muscle cuts of pork (like pork loin, pork chop and pork roast) can be consumed safely when cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit using an instant-read thermometer and left to rest for three...

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Dine like a Local in Columbus, Ohio: 7 Restaurants to Try on Your Next Trip

Located in Central Ohio and surrounded by orchards, dairies, breweries, and distilleries, Columbus has fully embraced the farm-to-table ethos. You'll find hearty Midwestern fare, of course, but also elegant French, rustic Italian, and classic Spanish cuisine as well as traditional tavern-style dining. Read on to learn where to dine like a local in Columbus, Ohio.

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What Is Banana Milk, and Why Should You Care?

The world has gone bananas: the culinary world, that is. Rich, sweet and naturally creamy, bananas are being used in lots of new and unexpected ways, from banana-based vegan ice cream and banana flour to, most recently, banana milk.

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The Old-School Drink the Country Can't Get Enough Of

Any New Yorker knows that an egg cream contains neither egg nor cream -except that's not totally true anymore. RELATED An Ode to Coffee Milk, Rhode Island's Favorite Drink " Traditionally made from seltzer, chocolate syrup and milk, with a lusciously thick and creamy head of foam created from enthusiastic stirring, the original soda fountain-style drink has been popular in New York since 1900.

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The Mandoline Is the One Kitchen Tool Every Cook Should Own

Let's get one thing straight. A is that musical instrument that's been annoying you in REM songs dating back to the 90s. A mandoline-with an e at the end-is a kitchen tool no one should be without. RELATED Anatomy of a Mandoline Slicer " The key benefits to using a mandoline are speed and uniformity in slicing, shredding and sometimes grating.

7 Things to Eat & Drink in the Swedish Arctic

7 Things to Eat & Drink in the Swedish Arctic view slideshow Stockholm? Malmö? If you've been there and done that in Sweden, it's time to head north, way north, into the Arctic Circle.

The Rise of Bay Area Food Halls

Food halls are fast becoming must-visit destinations that appeal to visitors as much as locals. They offer a multitude of casual dining options all under one roof for eating on site or ordering to go, as well as local products for sale.

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Sommelier Secrets: 6 Pros Share Tips for Finding Sublime Wines #hackdining

Do you feel like you need a drink just to tackle a restaurant's wine list? Even if you're something of an oenophile, do you get overwhelmed by the number of choices you have? Whether you want to try something new and different, discover a hidden bargain, or indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime splurge, these experts are quite literally here to serve.

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Still, Bottled or Sparkling? The Economics of Water Service - Open for Business

Once upon a time, requesting water in a restaurant meant tap water. But in recent years bottled water has represented one of the most profitable items a restaurant can sell. Concerns about the environment and sustainability have led to an increased focus on water and the options available to restaurants.

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Olio Nuovo: What It Is, What Its Good For And Which Brands To Buy

What You Need To Know: Olio Nuovo or "new oil" is the first-press of extra-virgin olive oil. It has the most polyphenols and health-boosting properties of all the oils. Pressed in the fall, these oils should be bought before Spring for their fullest healthy effects.

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Beyond the Northern Lights-Visiting the Swedish Arctic in Winter

Seeing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is a popular bucket list item. But even in the best viewing spots, catching them can be elusive. Fortunately, there are plenty more exhilarating experiences in the Arctic and it's not as hard to get there as you might think.

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Why Canned Tuna, Salmon & Sardines Are Pantry Powerhouse Staples

By Amy Sherman Canned fish is like a long relationship: It's always there, so much a part of the routine that we forget just how awesome it is. Now's a perfect time to fall in love with this old friend all over again. It's nutrient-rich, shelf stable and convenient.

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Cheese Out: 11 Restaurant Cheese Plates for #NationalCheeseLoversDay

A great cheese course is more than just a few random selections on a plate. While some restaurants source their cheeses from specific regions or focus on hard-to-find cheese, others are actually making it or aging it in-house. In anticipation of National Cheese Lover's Day, here are some the country's best restaurant cheese plates and what makes them so special.

Passport for Culinary Adventure

By Amy Sherman * Photos by Lori Eanes I GREW UP IN GREENBRAE and was obsessed with food from a very young age. My family loved going out to eat and experiencing new flavors. Savoring food from other cultures showed me there was a whole world to discover.

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Whole-Grain Breakfast Bowl Recipes for Winter

Put down the sugary cereal, grab a spoon and get ready for a warming, energizing a.m. meal By Amy Sherman Porridge, typically a hot dish of ground grains-oats, rice, barley, wheat, or millet-boiled or macerated in liquid, is traditional for breakfast in many parts of the world.

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Dessert Trends for 2017: 6 Pastry Chefs Share Their Predictions

From San Francisco and Chicago to New Orleans and Sarasota, top pastry chefs have some pretty sweet visions of the future. If what they say is true, you're in for a supremely sumptuous and decadent year. Read on to learn about emerging dessert trends for 2017 from a few of our fave pastry chefs.

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Saffron's Health Benefits Plus Sweet Potato Salad With Saffron Recipe

What You Need To Know: Saffron is so costly because 75,000 flowers are required to make just one pound. The nutrient-rich, aromatic spice has been used in cooking and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. From asthma to heartburn, saffron has many benefits.

Carefree and Car Free in Victoria BC

VICTORIA WAS ONCE a sleepy British enclave, but not anymore. Thanks to a recent technology boom, the city is bursting with energy and now more well known for brewpubs and neighborhood coffee roasters than for tea and crumpets.

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What Is Purple Tea, Why Is It Healthy And Where Can I Get It?

By Amy Sherman Step aside, bright-blue unicorn latte -there's a new healthy brew in town, and it's purple. Meet TRFK 306/1, a new purple tea variety from Kenya grown in rich volcanic soils. The tea, which is low in caffeine and has a pleasant earthy and sweet fruity flavor, is dark when brewed, but squeeze in some lemon and poof!

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Take Note: 11 New San Francisco Restaurants to Dine at Now

No question about it, the past year has been an exciting one for new San Francisco restaurants. There were several eateries with counter service that went full service in the evening and a plethora of prix-fixe-only, ultra-fine dining tasting menus as well as sushi restaurants.


The origin story of San Francisco's seafoodcentric stew (aka cioppino) may be as hazy as the city's famous fog, but there is definitely something to the dish's Italian-sounding name. Though no one can say for sure in what year the recipe was invented, the consensus is that it was created by the Italian fishermen who migrated to the area a century or so ago.

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Paul Freedman on 'Ten Restaurants That Changed America'

Professor Paul Freedman specializes in medieval social history, the history of Catalonia, comparative studies of the peasantry, trade in luxury products, and the history of cuisine at Yale University. His latest book is Ten Restaurants That Changed America.

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Frozen Fish Can Be a Better Choice than Fresh Fish

School your friends on why frozen fish provides great taste, nutrition and quality By Amy Sherman It's a natural question to ask-is the fish fresh? But it might not be the right one, because (surprise!) frozen fish is often a better choice than fresh. Why?

Gravy-Soaked Goodness : Food Network

Loco moco might be the quintessential island-style comfort food. As the story goes, this hearty dish was invented at Lincoln Grill in Hilo in 1949 to satisfy some hungry teenagers. The classic version is a hamburger patty topped with a fried egg, smothered in brown gravy and served over a scoop or two of Asian short-grain rice.

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Chef Marcus Samuelsson Talks Red Rooster Harlem + New Cookbook

Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden, and now makes Harlem his home. He developed a deep love for cooking from his grandmother and gained wide praise as executive chef at New York restaurant Aquavit, winning multiple awards including a James Beard Award, and starring in TV shows including Top Chef and The Feed.

A Blissful Bite : Food Network

Beignet is French for "fritter," but if you've ever had one, you know it's so much more than that. Typically served for breakfast or dessert, these airy pastries are made from dough, then deep-fried and heaped with a deliciously inordinate amount of powdered sugar.

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Sacramento Dining Guide | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

10 Things I Ate About You finds 10 enticing bites in smaller cities from coast to coast. Sacramento (aka California's state capital) is known for its 28 museums, the Sacramento Kings of the NBA, and the quaint Gold Rush-era Old Sacramento district and state park.

Cheesy Does It : Food Network

There have been intense rivalries going on in Philadelphia for decades now surrounding one particularly juicy topic: the cheesesteak. The sandwich's first iteration featuring grilled meat and onions was cooked up by hot-dog vendor Pat Olivieri in 1930. Some years later, cheese came into the equation and an iconic Philly staple was born.

Batter Up : Food Network

Baja fish tacos might just be the perfect fusion food. Their origin story begins in the Mexican state of Baja California, where locals reportedly learned about tempura-fried fish from Japanese fishermen working in the vicinity.

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3 of a Kind: Chicharrones | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

3 of a Kind checks out three places across the country to try something cool, new and delicious. There's some kind of magic that happens when pork fries into crisp, puffy bits of pure deliciousness. Call them pork rinds, cracklings or chicharrones - it's all good.

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Dine Like a Local in New Orleans: Top Picks for the Best Eats in the Big Easy

A visit to New Orleans should be on everyone's culinary bucket list. There are regional specialties galore and more storied restaurants that you possibly fit in one trip. But once you've had beignets, bananas Foster, red beans and rice, jambalaya and crawfish étouffée at iconic restaurants like Arnaud's, Galatoire's and Brennan's, it's time to branch out.

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Sprite and The Refreshing Truth About Korean Food

Traditional Korean cuisine uses fresh ginger, garlic, green onions, sesame oil, chili flakes, soy sauce and fermented chili paste to create bold and distinctive flavors we can't help but crave. Salty, spicy and tangy flavors are often tempered and balanced with sweeter notes.

23 Under-The-Radar Things to Do in San Francisco

When you first arrive in San Francisco, you will want to check certain things off your list: crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting Alcatraz, Chinatown, and even Fisherman's Wharf. But after the first trip or second or third, then what?

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3 of a Kind: Miner's Lettuce | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

3 of a Kind checks out three places across the country to try something cool, new and delicious. That tender green commonly known as miner's lettuce has a fascinating past that belies its delicate appearance. Though its scientific name is Claytonia perfoliata, the edible plant eventually earned its curious nickname because of its popularity among the Gold Rush miners who ate it to prevent scurvy.

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Pim Techamuanvivit on Kin Khao, Starting with What You Don't Know + Breaking the Mold for Thai...

Pim Techamuanvivit grew up in Bangkok and has been an internationally renowned tastemaker with stints as a food blogger, author, and jam maker. But her greatest achievement to date may be as an award-winning restaurateur in San Francisco at Kin Khao. Opening its doors in 2014, Kin Khao (which literally means "eat rice") quickly earned a well-deserved Michelin star.


8 Delicious Food & Drink Festivals in New Orleans

Beyond festivals like Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, New Orleans also offers food- and drink-focused festivals where you can get your fill of signature local eats like beignets, muffaletta sandwiches, bananas Foster, and crawfish étouffée, and also attend cooking demonstrations, check out arts and crafts, hear great live music, and party with the locals.

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Humphry Slocombe Reinvents the Coke Float

Humphry Slocombe may be the most popular ice cream shop in America. That is, if you count Twitter followers. Their almost 300,000 followers know that the next best thing to a scoop of ice cream might be a lick of humor.

5 Gourmet Wine Experiences in Napa

Some of the best food and wine in Napa can't be found at restaurants, but at wineries. You'll have to reserve ahead, but these splurge-worthy tours offer gastronomic experiences that go far beyond the swirl, sip, and spit routine you'll find at most tasting rooms. Some programs offer a meal while others serve simple bites to accompany a flight of wines, but either way, it makes for a very memorable wine country experience.

12 Questions for Ron Siegel

By Amy Sherman * Photo by BLINK INC. For Iron Chef aficionados, Ron Siegel's claim to fame is as the first and only American to win in Kitchen Stadium on the original Japanese series. Luckily for Bay Area foodies, he didn't stop there.

Where to Eat in Healdsburg Now

One of the great charms of Healdsburg in Sonoma is that it manages to successfully maintain a small-town feel while constantly growing, adding new restaurants and tasting rooms. While the town boasts a number of notable favorites, some of the top picks are worth a second look, thanks to new chefs and new concepts.

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Best San Francisco Burgers | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

Chefs' Picks tracks down what the pros are eating and cooking from coast to coast. We're making our way across the country, finding chefs' favorite burgers in a variety of cities. We've talked to chefs about their picks in New York City, Chicago and Miami. Now we're heading west to San Francisco.

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Best Whole Cauliflower Dishes | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

3 of a Kind checks out three places across the country to try something cool, new and delicious. Restaurants are serving up cauliflower in a whole new way - literally. Whole roasted heads of the cruciferous vegetable are the latest crowning glory at the table.

Frugal Finds in Fog City : Food Network

In a city famed for its food, where even sandwiches and salads can push $20, finding cheap eats is a challenge. From Mexican taquerias to upscale French brasseries and everything in between, we found some of the best under-$10 meals without resorting to a burger or a food cart.

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3 Best New Jersey Pork Rolls | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

If you don't know what pork roll is, you're clearly not from New Jersey. Known regionally by brand names such as Taylor ham, Case or Trenton, it's a cured and smoked processed meat that tastes like a spicy and salty version of SPAM (though it's sold in a roll, rather than a can).

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8 Ways to Get Jamming with Marmalade Cocktails

Wake up to the wonder that is marmalade cocktails -- starting with the Breakfast Martini. If that's not a reason to get out of bed in the morning, we don't know what is.

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3 Best Restaurants for Chia Pudding | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

Chia has come a long way since its time sprouting out of pet-shaped planters. Those tiny little seeds - packed with fiber, protein, calcium and Omega-3s - have become a healthy homemade go-to, but restaurants are sprucing up the Latin American superfood, going beyond the basics to include creative puddings in inspired flavors.

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Three Places to Drink Kombucha Cocktails | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

Part fermented potion, part hippie-joke punchline, kombucha existed long before yogis and hipsters caught on to it. The ancient beverage - made with fermented tea, sugar and scoby, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast - has now started popping up on cocktail menus.

Easy Corn Avocado Salad Recipe

If there's one thing the East Coast does better than the West, it's corn. So, pairing creamy avocado with sweet kernels of corn might be the next best thing to guacamole in the summer - and it's far easier to prepare. Just toss in some black beans to make it a heftier meal.

Newcomer's Eating Tour of San Francisco : Food Network

San Francisco has been a dining destination since the Gold Rush, when prospectors would spend their cash on "hangtown fry," a decadent omelet with oysters and bacon. Today the varying cuisines and outstanding produce available year-round (thanks to favorable climate and terrain) make it a haven for chefs and diners alike.

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Three Ways to Eat Shakshouka | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

3 of a Kind checks out three places across the country to try something cool, new and delicious. Popular in Israel, shakshouka is a savory egg entree made with tomatoes, peppers and onions. Though it's most commonly served as a main dish for breakfast, it's also eaten for lunch and dinner.

5 Reasons to Go to Nova Scotia This Fall

With its mild weather, vibrant foliage, and irresistible seafood, Nova Scotia makes for an ideal fall getaway in any year, but the weak Canadian dollar makes it a bargain for American travelers to visit right now. Here are five reasons to explore this Canadian province in the coming months.

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The Pie's the Limit : Food Network

Pie is the very symbol of all things American, homemade and nostalgic. It's a metaphor for financial success - not to mention a common prop in slapstick comedy. Most importantly, it's so delicious that we crave it. There are all kinds of pie: seasonal fruit pies, cream filled pies, savory meat pies, and even little hand pies and mini pies.

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3 Restaurants to Try Savory Pancakes | FN Dish - Food Network Blog

Pancakes aren't just for breakfast anymore. These fresh takes on flapjacks flip the sweet standby into a savory dish, swapping in vegetables for fruit, with varied and extremely creative toppings. Alden & Harlow, Cambridge, Mass. Inspired by a dish Chef Michael Scelfo's mother made, pickled Verrill Farm corn cakes have been on the menu since this Cambridge, Massachusetts, restaurant opened early last year.

5 Reasons to Visit Victoria Now

Home to beautiful gardens and perfectly restored nineteenth-century architecture, Victoria has long been known for its charm, but today there's so much more than just its aesthetic appeal to enjoy. The city now possesses a dynamic energy thanks to its status as a thriving technology hub, one that has attracted young people and entrepreneurs from far and wide.

How To Broil Steak Recipe

Cooking a steak at home is one of those daunting tasks that we tend to avoid at all costs. But thanks to this trick from recipe developer and cooking guru Amy Sherman, we can breathe easy. Start with a frozen steak so you get a better sear and the meat stays moist.

Insider's Guide to Waikiki

Experience Waikiki like a local with this guide to the best restaurants, deals and excursions.

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Brilliant Beijing

From Ming dynasty emperors to Chairman Mao - they'd all agree on one thing, you haven't seen China until you've spent some time in Beijing.

Food Lover's Guide to Maui

Now more than ever, there are farms, festivals, food trucks, and fine dining that will delight foodies of all stripes.

Insider's Guide to Healdsburg

Healdsburg is a perfect base for exploring Sonoma, but it has world-class wineries, restaurants, and lodging of its own that will tempt you to stay in town the whole trip.

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3 Easy One-Pot Recipes You'll Want To Make Every Night

We love a good shortcut - in life and in the kitchen. Recipes that require nothing more than tossing everything in a big bowl always get the most love from us. Pair that convenience with the possibility of coming home to a warm, fully-cooked meal? That's the stuff dreams are made of.

How To Cook With Cumin & Paprika

I am in the process of moving, and you know what I've discovered? That my kitchen pantry has basically become a spice graveyard - I've even had to blow dust off some of them.


5 Reasons to Visit Park City, UT this Summer

There's no reason not to hit the slopes once the snow's melted away on the foothills. Park City's hills are alive in the summer, with music and outdoor fun abounds.