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Tyson Baker

Adventure Writer/ Coffee Roaster

Location icon United States

Born in California's Central Valley, I grew up scouting out what the surrounding landscape has to offer. I have traveled all across this glorious state, picking up nuggets of insight, culture, and what it means to have true grit. As a skilled Barista and Roaster for a local coffee shop, I really enjoy slingin' espresso shots and bringing a cup of perfectly crafted caffeine-deliciousness to the town's customers. Aside from coffee, I have a deep passion for writing and creating. My recent endeavor has been to share my writings and stories in hopes that they will inspire, harmonize, educate, and encourage those that read them.

On my days off, I'm likely out on some adventure – be it exploring the backcountry in the nearby Sequoia National Park, road-tripping with buddies, or cruising through country roads, enjoying the uninhabited hillsides, until I reach the coastline to hunt for coves and sea caves that are calling my name. Though not all adventures are on such a large scale. Sometimes adventures are found in the small things too: like cozying up with a good book that takes my mind away from reality, or sharing a laugh and a good meal with the people that matter most.

Whatever your adventure is, I want to tell you this: 
Don't be afraid to get out there and experience something new. Explore. Create. Share. And love one another.

You can contact me at: [email protected]

Nightscapes by Tyson Baker - THIRD EYE HEADLAMPS™

Do you have those friends that are down for any adventure? Those classic old mates that are down for driving long hours, having that make-it-up-as-you-go mindset, and always ready to laugh things off no matter the condition? Friends that don't mind freezing

Analog Camera Company
Non-Disposable Day Trips

I've long called this place my "secret spot" with significance to the hometown I grew up in. Being at Dome Rock with my fiancé and sharing the moments is a memory I want to last forever. So, I snapped a picture with my Analog disposable camera.

Unexpected Turnaround

I once heard Yvon Chouinard say in a documentary that "adventure is when everything goes wrong. That's when the adventure starts." It's not that everything went wrong per se, but more so unplanned and unexpected, and that was the start of our adventure.

Mineral King
A Walk Together - Mineral King

Tyson Baker, a California Central Valley native, is more than familiar with what the surrounding landscape has to offer. Tyson has traveled all across this

Mineral King
Summer in Mineral King - 2020 - Mineral King

As the the Coronavirus continues to affect us and impact most of our everyday life, including this summer in Mineral King, let's remember to Recreate

Mineral King
High-Quality Exploring - Mineral King

High-quality exploring is being able to fully enjoy the land while leaving it better for future generations to come. It is more than just a phrase, it's a way of life. You may even say it's a whole movement!

Mineral King
A Quarantine Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast - Mineral King

Take me back to the mountains, to the California Sierra Nevada. Where various trails brought a smile to my face, and the trees brought joy to my soul. Take me to a place where I can explore the great outdoors without having to shelter in place. Take me to a place other than home, for I am home when I am in the unknown.

Mineral King
Good Adventures & Handmade Pie - Mineral King

With pie on our minds, but as we got back in the car, our thoughts quickly shifted to the adventure that awaited us. We headed to the trail, picking up our wilderness permits along the way.

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