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TVC America (The Vending Company) is a leading distributor of vending machines and vending machine parts in the United States based in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Healthy Vending Machine Options

Many people associate vending machines with unhealthy snacks, and thus never go near them. Putting healthier options in vending machines can prove to be a great way to increase your customer base. Places like hospitals, schools, and offices are looking for vendors to provide healthier alternatives than the usual fare.

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How to Start a Vending Machine Business

Everyone these days is looking to start their own business, and for good reason. Mass unemployment during the pandemic has made way for people to decide that starting their own business puts them in greater control of their finances. A vending machine business is a great way to make money without a lot of up...

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3 Unusual Vending Machines Around the World

Long gone are the days where vending machines simply sell sodas and chips. All over the world, people are using vending machines to sell a huge variety of products, contact free, to consumers. The Pizza Machine is the first of its kind in Scotland. Located in the Merchant City area of Glasgow, it can hold...

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TVC America to Host 'Intro to Vending Machines' Blog Series

TVC America MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD, September 3, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ - In the 'Beginner's Guide to Modern Vending Machines,' TVC America will share trade secrets, tips and introductory lessons on how to operate a vending machine business. Leaders in the sales of vending machines, parts and supplies, The Vending Company certainly knows a thing or...

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Art: A New Vending Machine Trend?

Most people are expecting the same things when they encounter a vending machine - sugary snacks, sodas, potato chips, and the occasional canned coffee. Many artists around the world, however, have taken to selling art out of vending machines. The concept of "Art-o-mats" was invented by Clark Whittington in 1997, who showcased his work in...

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The Vending Company TVC America is a Gaithersburg, Maryland based distributor of vending machines. A leading supplier of both vending machine units and parts, TVC America specializes in combination systems that enable seamless sale of snacks and beverages. Ideal for virtually any brick and

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TVC America - The Vending Company is a leader in the retail sale of vending machines and vending machine parts. Known for our knowledgeable tech support and friendly customer service teams, The Vending Machine Company is always happy to help! Although located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, TVC America distributes vending machine parts nationwide on our official website.

TVC America

TVC America, , is a supplier and distributor of vending machine units, and replacement parts. Locally, at their also known as The Vending Company Gaithersburg, Maryland headquarters, TVC America also offers repair services for their various vending machine models. Popular Vending Machine Options The Vending Company manufactures individual units and combination systems that meet the needs of virtually every business.

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TVC America

All upgrade and repair parts distributed by The Vending Company are available for purchase on location at their headquarters and online. In 2017, The Vending Company introduced an all-new unit called the Shermco B-12 Combination Vending Machine. Designed with a modern flair, the machine is true to its combination name.