Merritt Turetsky


United States

Teacher, researcher, and communicator who has fought wildfires, jumped out of helicopters, and buried herself in peat all in the name of science. I seek out the beauty, history, and humanity in science discoveries. If you plan on getting lost in the boglands, you'll want me with you.

Professional Experience
As an Arctic and climate scientist, I have published more than 140 articles in peer reviewed journals. I also have more than 20 years of experience writing or co-writing press releases on scientific discoveries, including my own. I work closely with journalists and documentary makers to articulate the excitement, creativity, and compassion of science. In the past five years, I have written and produced my own science stories for television and screen. Below is a curated collection of different forms of science communication.

Google scholar profile:

Permafrost collapse is accelerating carbon release

As permafrost and its release of a potential "methane bomb" continues to capture the public's attention, Merritt Turetsky leads a commentary published in Nature that describes the science of abrupt permafrost thaw and what it means for the climate and culture of northern regions.

Junk DNA in koalas and bug cheating

In a segment written and produced by Merritt Turetsky for live television, she explains how ancient junk DNA protects koalas from modern infection and why even bugs cheat the system.

Best science stories of 2018

In a segment written and produced by Merritt Turetsky for live television, she outlines the highlights of scientific discoveries in 2018. Her favorite scientific article in 2018? "Can robots assemble an IKEA chair". Watch to find out why.