Gabriel Babatunde Jimoh

Product Manager | Digital Media & Digital Marketing Pro | Content Writer | HRM


Hello, I am popularly known as Tundegold.

I am a Product Manager and Product Owner with a good understanding of Agile Methodologies & plethora of Digital Skills. I have helped 50+ emerging brands develop product vision and achieve accelerated growth

Experience and Skills in:
- Market research, user flow, roadmaps and product requirement documents
-User interface design with a good understanding of wireframing and prototyping using, Whimsical, Miro and Figma
- Content writing, copywriting, Proofreading/Editing and transcribing
-Social media, Email marketing & Digital marketing (Social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc)
-Website designer and expert in the use of all content management systems (CMS), WordPress, Wix, ucraft, etc
-Expert in Live streaming with Vmix, Wirecast, and OBS studio
- Recruitment and Talent Acquisition expert, HR Policy development and administration Specialists

Google Docs
Product Management_Portfolio

GABRIEL B. JIMOH PRODUCT MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO TASK 1 I designed a user persona of a young adult, along with a user story of him/her and a product roadmap for an application that connects farmers in the village to purchasers in the city, usin...

Google Docs
Gabriel Jimoh's_ Writing Portfoilio

GABRIEL JIMOH'S PORTFOLIO Welcome to my Space. Find below some of my work. Content Writing WHY THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDG) MAY FAIL IN AFRICA There is an alarming increase of NGO's and Initiatives advocating for a series of things in Africa with little or no visi...

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