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Elvira Truglia is a Writer, Journalist and Senior Communications & Public
Engagement professional. She writes about the intersections of culture, politics, and social issues. Her work spans the community, media and cultural sector as well as national and international non-governmental organizations.


Current Affairs

New Canadian Media
Italian Diaspora Mourns Passing of Elder Generation - New Canadian Media

Many people who have lost their lives have not been able to have a proper funeral in Italy. Others remain trapped, forced to watch the suffering unfold and find a sense of reinvention and meaning in their own lives. Many people who have lost their lives have not been able to have a proper funeral in Italy.

McConnell Foundation
Hydroponics for food security in the North

As the northern ice breaks this summer, two retrofitted shipping containers are arriving in Iqaluit, where they will be repurposed as vessels for growing plants in water. The hydroponics project, called The Growcer, aims to help address food insecurity, and will be the first project of its kind in the city.

World Wide Hearing and partners take on hearing loss in northern communities

When seven-year-old Mahmoud in Jordan was fitted with hearing aids for the first time, he started to giggle. "He could hear and this was really exciting," says Audra Renyi, Executive Director of World Wide Hearing Foundation International (WWH), the Canadian non-profit that provides accessible services for people with hearing loss in the developing world.

Religious Accommodation Still a Struggle in Quebec

On one of the final stops during its two-year, cross-country "Our Canada" workshop series, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) held an open conversation about faith and social inclusion in Montreal last month. According to Thomas Gallezot, francophone communities and outreach project officer for the organization, the CRRF aims to promote diversity and social inclusion through community dialogue.

The Huffington Post
Health Care Must Do More To Address Environmental Sensitivities

Think a toxic injury that doesn't heal. If you are susceptible, exposure to small amounts of chemicals every day creates a "body burden" that impacts multiple biological systems (nervous, digestive, respiratory system, etc.). Typically, you don't detox very well, and repeated exposures can trigger the "on" switch in your brain, making you hypersensitive.

The Huffington Post
Violence Against Women Is the Western World's Dirty Little Secret

There is still a lot of bad news for women since the Montreal Massacre, according to investigative journalist, feminist and filmmaker, Francine Pelletier. But there is also some good news: as a social struggle and in the media, feminism is making a comeback.

The Huffington Post
Why Is Mexico on Canada's List of 'Safe Countries'?

Canadians love Mexico, especially when crystalized ice on window panes, trigger thoughts of sandy beach retreats from Canada's punishing winters. Over 1.9 million Canadians turn to Mexico as their getaway destination. In Mexico, thousands are seeking refuge from poverty and the human rights crisis, most recently brought to the fore by the disappearance of 43 students from the Ayontizapa teacher's college in Guerrero, Mexico.

In the belly of the beast - Judy Rebick on Occupy This!

“The idea that we could create alternative communities as a way of resisting the existing culture is not new but doing it in the middle of big cities, in the belly of the beast is new and was a major reason for the power of Occupy.” Judy Rebick (This article was originally published in Vice Versa Online Magazine on November 6, 2012)

Can traditional Italian families survive in modern Canada?

According to the latest Statistics Canada report on household demographics, the nuclear family is no longer the norm. But are Italians, one of the country's largest ethnic groups, rethinking family composition in step with other Canadians? If so, how do these changes interplay with cultural identity?

Huffington Post
A Safe Space for Malala

"I felt like they had tried to kill me, I felt like they had tried to kill every girl in the world, that they had tried to kill hope," says Saman Ahsan when she heard the news about Malala Yousufzai, a school girl shot by the Taliban in Pakistan last week.

Two-tier refugee system flawed, say critics

Nothing riles up Canadian sensitivities more than someone jumping a line. Jason Kenney knew this when he introduced Bill C-49 in response to the arrival of two boat loads of Tamils on Canadian shores in the last year.

Arts & Culture

Becoming a writer

Becoming a Writer, May 3rd There's a tension around owning the label "writer," even among published authors such as Zoe Whittal, Alex Ohlin, Padma Viswanathan and Christopher DiRaddo, all panellists at the "Becoming a Writer" roundtable. Maybe it's because the label is elusive. In today's landscape of writing, publishing and social media, lines are blurred.

Women and trauma

The graphic approach or "show not tell." What is the most appropriate way of writing about trauma? Elise Moser, Ann Charney and Koethi Zan reflect.

Il Parto Delle Nuvole Pesanti: Riding Onda Calabra's "Cultural Revolution"

The tune, which is part of a soundtrack for Antonio Albanese's movie Qualunquemente , an ironic look at corruption in today's Calabria, received 1.5 million views in early 2011, making the song remake a hit even before the film's release. Il Parto gave Albanese permission to reinterpret their original song for the film and the remake has struck a chord.

Michael Occhipinti's Sicilian Jazz Project

Occhipinti's latest CD garnered him his eighth Juno nomination in 2009 for the music he shied away from as a child. The album is somewhat a coming of age, "The Sicilian Jazz Project reflects the place where my parents ended up as much as where they started," says Toronto-based Michael Occhipinti.

Accenti Magazine
Coming Home

A social justice journalist travels to Italy and rediscovers her roots.


Girls Action Foundation
Why Girls? Jobs & Money

A brochure on the barriers girls and young face related to jobs and money and what needs to be done to support their economic security.

Upstream Journal
Upstream Journal

Editorial consultant of this special issue on communications and human rights.


Point of View Exhibit, Canadian Museum of Human Rights
Global Day of Action, 2011

Six-year-old participates in the Occupy Movement’s Global Day of Action in 2011


Radio-Active Part One

This is Part One of "Radio-Active", a documentary on Ottawa's CKCU-FM, Canada's first campus-based community radio station. It was broadcast on Maclean-Hunter in 1994. Written by Peter Monet and Elvira Truglia. Directed by Peter Monet. Produced by Elvira Truglia.

Audio Production

The Traffik Report

Speaking truth to power on sex and labour trafficking. A podcast where former sex workers, survivors, front-line workers and advocates have fearless conversations about gender, racial and economic justice. Join us for SEASON 1 - YES, IN MY BACKYARD: Busting myths about human trafficking in Canada

Web Production & Social Media

Because I Am Human - Anti-trafficking campaign

Shifting to temporary migration to fill labour needs creates a disposable labour force, leaving workers with fewer rights and exposed to exploitation: ccrweb.ca/en/trafficking #becauseiamhuman #migrantrights #humantrafficking

Girls Action Foundation
Resource Center | Girls Action Foundation

GIRLS ACTION FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting girls and young women to overcome barriers and reach their true potential. We operate on a national scale with a local impact reaching over 60,000 girls and young women annually.

Girls Action Foundation
Why Girls? An infographic series on girls' issues

Why girls? What are the issues facing girls and young women today? How are we supporting girls and young women to overcome barriers and reach their full potential? How can we support YOU to take action on these issues and inspire others to do the same?