Tori Rubloff


United States of America

Tori Rubloff is a senior at the University of Florida (UF) who is pursuing a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the UF College of Journalism.

She is currently enrolled in an internship as a Writer for Study Breaks Magazine, in which she pitches and writes long-form pieces and conducts interviews.

Tori has also been a National Feature Writer & News/Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus, the #1 new-media brand for college women. Before this position, she was a Wisdom Writer for the UF chapter of Her Campus. She was also the Journalism Intern for UF Hillel, in which she pitched and wrote creative copy to engage the UF campus community.

Thought Catalog, an online publication read by over 30 million monthly readers, has also published Tori's articles.

Tori's dream is to work in the writing field to help make positive social change, enhance the lives of others and spread big ideas. Her favorite topics are personal growth, mental health, psychology, lifestyle, health, inspiration, motivation, creativity, culture and societal trends. She is also interested in how media and film have the capacity to create change, influence and impact.

Tori aims to spread ideas of curiosity, discovery, passion, authenticity and positivity through her writing.


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Study Breaks
Good News, Science Proves You're Hotter Than You Think

At last, after a horrific week of two wretched exams, a five-page essay you unwisely decided to write during an all-nighter (bless you, Starbucks), 8 a.m. wakeups for class and numerous sessions of banging your head on your desk in utter frustration, the almighty hustle is over and Saturday night has arrived.

Study Breaks
Why Do Millennials Care About DNA Kits?

The year is 2017, and the contents of your spit can now be analyzed to approximate where your great, great grandparents were born. With ancestry-determining DNA kits like AncestryDNA, 23andme and MyHeritage, a report of your entire ethnic and racial makeup can be handed right to you, complete with pretty graphs, maps and labels that would make any stats nerd's heart soar.

Study Breaks
Doing Nothing Is the Key to Productivity

By Tori Rubloff, University of Florida Work and leisure: Two modes of functioning that, regrettably, seem to quarrel with each other more than they coalesce. As a student, you might completely burn yourself out by cramming and multitasking all day, and only when you're done might you reward yourself with some time to kick back with a book, go on a long walk while listening to music or sink into a Netflix binge.

Study Breaks
Mastering the Art of Napping

Whether it's a daily craving that strikes at exactly 2:17 p.m., the result of a steep caffeine crash or an aching that hits after staying out way too late the night before, the need for naps is a constant for the typical college student, making napping-the right way-an essential skill.

Study Breaks
Socially Awkward? You're Lucky

Those of us cursed with social awkwardness are all too familiar with its its cringe-worthy symptoms: sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, fidgeting, stuttering and the inability to carry out mundane tasks like ordering food at a restaurant without questioning your every move.

Study Breaks
This Globally Renowned Philanthropist Is a Champion for Orphans' Rights

While most nine-year-olds were prioritizing playtime and toys over everything, young Neha Gupta was starting a non-profit organization. In fact, nine years later, Gupta would become the first American to win the International Children's Peace Prize, following in the footsteps of Malala Yousafzai.

Her Campus
Wednesday Wisdom: What To Do When You're At a Crossroads

It took four years of soul-searching but now it all makes sense: here's what I've learned about life from my rocky relationship with the concept of an "undergraduate major." The flings have been numerous. From Mathematics (calculus, you still have a special place in my heart), to Civil Engineering (this lasted only three days...

Her Campus
7 Ways To Practice Body Positivity Every Day

Somehow, starting who knows how long ago, an annoying voice set up a rent-free space in your brain and began its full-time job: yacking at you about everything that it doesn't deem to be "perfect" and about everything that could be "changed" to make you "prettier," "happier" and "more worthy."