L. C. Duesterhoeft

Writer | Wordsmith | Wender of Tales

United States

A consummate lover of stories—the ones we read, the ones we tell, and the ones we live. Writing is a way of exploring the paths and testing the limits of how to express ourselves, how to convey our thoughts and emotions to others in ways that will touch them. This is what I strive for.


Article & Analysis Writing

Essay Writing

Informal Essay
100-Word Rule

Writing advice for setting goals and cultivating a healthier perspective in order to establish more consistent creativity.

Personal Essay

An essay reflecting on the map a life can make.

Creative & Narrative Writing

NPC Companion Summary (Dragon Age: Inquisition - unofficial)
The Horsemaster

A sample summary-style overview and character-specific quests and possible outcomes of an NPC Companion character.

Fan Fiction (Avatar: the Last Airbender - unofficial)
It Wasn't Just a Choice

The blurred lines between duty, choice, and determination.

Narrative Fiction
Too Far Gone to Ground

A second part to Flannery O'Connor's "The Life You Save May Be Your Own"