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United States

I am a freelance writer with a background in medicine. If you have a need for health, healthcare, nutrition, lifestyle, parental caregiving, or travel articles, I provide engaging content for both online and print formats.

As a retired physician, I am uniquely equipped to write medical content for both the public and healthcare professionals.

I am an unpaid waitress and housekeeper for two rescued cats and a dog. I'm an avid traveler and enjoy bicycling, curling, quilting, and weaving.



Wander With Wonder
Discovering North Carolina's Roanoke Island

On a recent trip to Roanoke Island, North Carolina, I learned that the world's largest statue of Queen Elizabeth I is on the island, America's longest-running symphonic drama happens here each summer, and there's a whole lot of science behind distilling rum. I didn't discover what happened to The Lost Colony.

Military Officer Magazine Live and Play 2022: Texas

(This article by military culture and travel writer Teresa Otto originally appeared in the June 2022 issue of Military Officer, a magazine available to all MOAA Premium and Life members. Learn more about the magazine here; learn more about joining MOAA here.)

Fodors Travel Guide
We're Dying to Get Into Houston's Museum of Funeral History

Houston's National Museum of Funeral History puts the fun back into funeral. The readers of the Houston Press certainly think the National Museum of Funeral History is fun-after all, they named it the best museum in 2021.

10 Best Things To Do In The Woodlands, Texas

George Mitchell, who made his fortune in oil and is considered the father of fracking, had the foresight to buy wooded land from the Grogan-Cochran Lumber Company in the 1970s. 2,800 acres of the land Mitchell bought became one of the first planned communities in the United States.

Passion Passport
A Day Trip to the Door to Hell: Turkmenistan's Darvaza Crater - Passion Passport

The Turkmenistan government hid it for more than 40 years. To be clear, it was in plain sight the whole time, but off the radar for the few Western tourists that ventured into rural Turkmenistan. Called the Door to Hell or Gate to Hell by locals, Darvaza Gas Crater is a 225-foot wide and 65-foot deep gas-belching, fire-breathing pit.

Health and Lifestyle

7 Tips For Finding The Best Turquoise Jewelry In New Mexico

When it comes to buying turquoise, knowledge is power. If you're in New Mexico, begin, like I did, with a guided tour of the Turquoise Museum -- or, at the very least, bring these tips for finding the best turquoise jewelry in New Mexico along with you.


Feeding Montana's Miners

I'm getting back into restaurant reviewing. But as a regular gig this time. I'm exhausted. - Katherine If you haven't become a paid subscriber yet, please consider it. The money goes straight to paying freelancers a good rate - much better than most publications.

Distinctly Montana
Learning About Pioneer Life from Evelyn Cameron's Cookbook

Hard work - the kind Evelyn did each and every day - kept her lean and fit. Her husband, Ewen, was interested in studying wildlife and birds, writing, and reading. The gardening, sewing, farm chores, milking, gathering eggs, mending fences, "gentling" colts, gathering wayward livestock, and the all-important cooking fell on Evelyn's shoulders.