Teagan Cox


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A qualified freelance copywriter and proofreader with experience across a range of industries. Specialising in organic content for small businesses.

Private Client
Do I need a will if I don't have kids?

A blog post answering a common question asked to a local estate lawyer - "do I need a will if I don't have kids?" The post needed to be on-brand with a friendly but knowledgable tone, making readers feel comfortable to approach the lawyer with further questions.

Private Client
Are you ready for the new year?

A dental equipment company wanting to increase optimism for surgery owners during the pandemic.

Tweak Your Biz
Learning Digital Marketing? Here's The Words You Need To Know

Learning digital marketing can be an exciting adventure until it gets overwhelming. Which depending on your experience with blogging, content writing, or traditional marketing, it can happen pretty quickly. Sometimes reading posts, articles, and tutorials on how to do digital marketing for your business can be like reading a different language entirely.

Why focus on long-tail keywords for small business SEO?

When you start blogging or writing your business website, it can be tempting to focus all your SEO efforts on the big numbers. The more times a term is searched the better, right? Not really! Short keywords are usually highly competitive, unspecific, and attract readers who aren't sure what they're searching for.