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How does getting you on the first page of Google sound?

I've had my blog for less than 5 months before I ranked for a few keywords on the first page of Google.

As a former research scientist, I have extensive experience in the scientific field, including writing scientific articles about biochemical reactions, nutrition at the molecular level, and how specific nutrient deficiencies can lead to more serious problems.

As a current freelancer in social media marketing, blogging, and podcast management, I bring extensive experience writing for:
- Travel, History, & Culture
- Business & Freelancing
- Finances
- Real estate
- Social media
- Mindset & Mental Health
- & many other areas.

Furthermore, I am a psychotherapist in training and thus bring extensive experience in the mental health field, which ties back into traveling and working as a freelancer, but also in other areas.

Finally, I've been blogging for almost two years and learned the ins and outs of advanced SEO, most done as a ghostwriter.


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Miami Take
Boho House Miami: An Honest Review From a Local With Photos [2023]

Miami Beach's beautiful beaches and blue ocean have led many to associate the city primarily with vacation, parties, relaxation, and ultimate ease of life. And this is exactly what sums up the beautifully designed bohemian environment at the BOHO house.

Real Estate Ghost Writer

New Western
How Does A Rental Property Affect Debt-To-Income Ratio For Future Investments?

For many aspiring investors just getting their feet wet, questions like " how does a rental property affect the debt-to-income ratio" are a natural starting point as they begin to wonder about future investments. As debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is a standard requirement for approving loans, it's only logical to consider how investment property might affect it.

New Western
How Important Is Cash-On-Cash Return In Real Estate Investing?

The relevance of cash-on-cash returns may have escaped your notice as an aspiring real estate investor as you comb through the types of properties to invest in, the kinds of numbers to pay attention to, and the tools to use. When assessing real estate investments, one of the most important gauges of yearly real estate profitability is the cash-on-cash return.

ELIKA New York
Do I Need a Guarantor to Rent an Apartment in NYC?

Finding a new apartment is one thing, but worrying about being approved for an apartment with a guarantor on your lease is another. If you're a first-time tenant or someone with unstable employment history, NYC landlords may require you to have a guarantor on your lease.

New Western
Hard Money Loan - Example, Uses, and How it Works

As an aspiring investor, you've probably come across hard money loans that grabbed your attention, even if you've only ever heard of the last resort hard money examples. Yet, you still want to dip your toes into this area but don't know how.

ELIKA New York
Furnished Apartments for Rent in New York City

The city that never sleeps is home to millions of people. As more and more people relocate there each year, many wonder whether renting a furnished apartment is the more intelligent choice when starting over. It's costly enough to relocate without worrying about furnishing it, though it raises topics about its pros and cons.

New Western
How Do I Get Financing For A Rental Property in 2022?

As you work to get a foot in the door as an investor, you may have asked yourself, "How can I get financing for a rental property?" This is a common concern among prospective investors with the U.S. single-family residential (SFR) rental property market being $4.5 trillion and growing.

New Western
Everything You Need to Know About Selling a Fixer-Upper

Because of the soaring cost of housing nationwide, there's a growing interest in fixer-uppers. Whether you're selling your first fixer-upper or your tenth, you can always improve your strategy. Selling a fixer-upper can also be overwhelming and it's normal to feel apprehensive about venturing into uncharted waters, but having a knowledgeable guide at your side can help ease your mind.

New Western
How to Buy Foreclosed Homes With No Money in 2022

Low on funds but hoping to break into real estate investing? You may be wondering how to buy foreclosed homes with no money, which is not as impossible as you might think. Most new investors don't have the extra capital to invest, but there are options if you want to buy foreclosed homes with no money down.


Jessie on a Journey | Solo Female Travel Blog
20 Pros And Cons Of Traveling Alone | Should You Travel Solo?

When deciding whether to travel solo or with a group, it's essential to consider the pros and cons of traveling alone. The desire to travel solo is particularly prominent among women, who are increasingly interested in experiencing new cultures and meeting new people without waiting on their friends or family.

Must-Do's in Athens, Greece to save you time & money

There are many must-do's in Athens, the city of Greek gods and beautiful temples that have stood for more than 2000 years - but which ones are worthwhile and must-do's in Athens, Greece? It's an incredible experience to witness and stroll among some of our ancestors' earliest relics.

How to Navigate Salem, MA to Save You Time and Money

You'll recognize Salem, Massachusetts if you've seen Hocus Pocus. It's said to be a magical place all year, but especially in October, it's as if the city rises from its sleep, ready to bewitch everyone. Are you intending to visit the city of the witch trials yourself?

7 Travel Must Have's to Travel like a Pro

From packing to trying to remember if you packed that one thing you needed, to dreading having to unpack half your life when you return - which is why these are my favorite travel gadgets. While traveling is often associated with relaxation and taking a break, it can and still is stressful in a variety of ways.

The Complete Guide To New York City

A guide on mastering the city that never sleeps - with this guide to New York City you won't fall into these trips and save yourself time and money. The city that never sleeps has many attractions that are world known, that attract visitors from the whole world, while also still having some hidden gems that aren't overran by tourists and even the locals.

Must-See on a weekend in Clearwater Beach, FL

As you might expect, traveling while working has its unique set of obstacles when compared to either traveling or working. Let me walk you through what such a weekend trip in Clearwater Beach might look like if you worked while you were there.


How to Make Bank and Travel the World - Part 1

For many new entrepreneurs, a desire to travel the world or spend more time with their families is at the forefront of their decision to leave the corporate world behind. Whatever the initial purpose is, it always revolves on reducing one's workload and maximizing one's quality of life without jeopardizing one's resources.

Travel the World while Making Bank - Part 2 Time

Time is one of our if not the most important assets that we have, after all we can always make more money and more experience, however, we won't ever get time back. Therefore, Time-Management is certainly one of the most covered topics in entrepreneurship and corporate, so why another article on time-management?

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is a powerful marketing tool, but it is often underutilized, which is why you should hire a social media manager. Business owners frequently believe that they cannot hire someone to manage their social media without first being a part of their company and knowing all of its finer details; however, this could not be further from the truth.

What's The Best CRM For Freelancers?

This post contains affiliate links. Therefore, should you make a purchase, I will receive a small portion of the sale at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own. View my Privacy & Disclosures Policy here. "What is the best CRM for freelancers?"

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Why a Poor Mindset Won't Make You Rich -

Why a Poor Mindset Won't Make You Rich Business, finance, and psychology in review How often do you encounter people that say they want to be rich? Likely, on the regular. Among many reasons, one of the most popular one from people would be to never to have to work again.
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Why Cash Flow is King and Why Sales Revenue Measures How Effective Your Marketing is How understanding these concepts can make or break you We're in the middle of a pandemic, and a lot of small businesses are struggling. No matter whether your business is struggling or having experts helping with finances - understanding the [...]
Why Cash Flow is King and Why Sales Revenue Measures How Effective Your Marketing is -...

Why Cash Flow is King and Why Sales Revenue Measures How Effective Your Marketing is How understanding these concepts can make or break you We're in the middle of a pandemic, and a lot of small businesses are struggling. No matter whether your business is struggling or having experts helping with finances - understanding the [...]
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What They Never Teach you in Business School Your guide to Entrepreneurship with these 3 Tools Whether you already have an established business or want to open one, the number one question will always be: what does it take to succeed? Depending on what area of focus you are in, you went to a professional [...]
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Top #3 Things to Avoid When Closing a Sale A guide on what to prevent and how to crank up your sales closing ratio As an expert in your niche, you know how valuable your products or services are - however, your conversion rate is low.
3 Simple Techniques on Reprogramming the Brain for Success -

It's not Rocket Science, Promise! Think back to school times or even college: we often learn about basic physics and basic biology in school, however, for most it's a dragging subject. What if I told you, that you can connect some simple theories to growing and operating a successful business?
4 Factors to Consider to Acquire Your Best Prospects -

4 Factors to Consider to Acquire Your Best Prospects A guide on how to navigate the closing process One of the most important parts of sales is knowing how to determine your best prospects. Not every prospect will be the right fit. Often, business owners waste precious time chasing after potential clients and end up [...]
Why Only A Closer Can Seal The Deal -

Why Only A Closer Can Seal The Deal A systematic review on how to skyrocket your numbers $$$ A Closer is someone who seals deals of high-ticket items, items that are worth $3000+. As an entrepreneur, you can choose to hire someone who seals the deals for you - or you become one yourself.
3 Principles to Live by -

We all heard it: you have to follow your passions, because if you follow your passions you don't have to work a day in your life again. That's generally the goal and the dream of many. How do you get there? #1 You need to know what you want and be clear about your goals.
Why you want to optimize your sleep for high performance -

Why you want to optimize your sleep for high performance When you sleep better, you lead better With the new year, everyone has personal and entrepreneurial resolutions. Resolutions have never been more important and pertinent to entrepreneurial growth and success as they are this year.
4 ways on how to change your perspective -

How to get out of your head and into your success Everyone experiences failure and some will experience it more than others. Life and especially entrepreneurship is not always about winning and success, but it is about making mistakes and learning from them. Instead of overthinking past situations, you will learn to turn it around [...]
5 Tips on How to Start your Laptop Lifestyle -

You've heard of entrepreneurs working from anywhere in the world. Traveling to the most exotic places, enjoying life to the fullest, while still bringing in an income. Or maybe your goal is not to travel, but to spend more time with your family, making memories, and be there for all the important moments.
2 Ways to Manage Finances like a Millionaire -

1 You are the one giving value to money Have you ever heard of that? If not, let me explain... It's just like you give value to a toilet when you need it. It's nothing special, right? What if you go on a trip and you really need to use, it becomes the most [...]
5 Steps To Manifest Anything Into Your Life -

At least once a day, you hear about someone manifesting success into their business and life, but hardly ever, you hear about how they did it. Everyone just seems to want to keep their secret to success to themselves. That's why I want to teach you the method that I'm personally using in my life [...]
The 3 Secrets to How to Crack the Wealth Code -

The 3 Secrets to How to Crack the Wealth Code - Leverage Wealth Philosophies, like the top 5% The overall goal is to make money work for you, not work harder for the money. Growing up, we are praised for working hard - working hard for someone else and their gain.
How a Personal Brand Will Set You Apart in 2021 -

How a Personal Brand Will Set You Apart in 2021 The 7 Steps to Building an Iconic Brand One of the fastest ways to sink and fail a business may be one of the simplest things to spot yet not the easiest to understand. In today's economic climate, small businesses fail regularly because entrepreneurs forget [...]
How to Meaningfully Connect with your Audience Online -

How to Meaningfully Connect with your Audience Online How to be more authentic and build meaningful connections At this time and age, you are almost forced to have an online presence, no matter what kind of business you have. Times have changed, and you have to invest time in social media presence and branding.
The Life of a High-Performance Entrepreneur -

The Life of a High-Performance Entrepreneur What it Looks Like, How to Get There, and How to Stay There At some point, every entrepreneur has dreams of being at the top of his industry as a high-performer. We all have our own idea of what that would look like deeply embedded into our minds.