Vicki Sussens


Now writing on historical preservation of Croatia's rich architectural legacy, as well as other stories related to Croatia in transition. In the past, I have written across the range for media in South Africa, Australia, England and Germany. From 2002 until 2014, I was a writer and editor at Business Spotlight, a business magazine based in Munich, Germany. Thereafter, I worked for a variety of corporate clients. Areas of special interest: management trends, global business, social and economic change, intercultural communication, working life issues, human interest.

Croatia Week
An art swap on the cliffs of Brseč

Croatia's most important contemporary sculptor Ljubo de Karina and the Munich artist Esteban Kleist decide to exhibit in each other's homes.

Croatia Week
Reviving an ancient method of making lime

Lime is one of the world's oldest building materials. A visit to a lime kiln in Istria, Croatia, which has been built to ancient specifications.

Aging at the Multi Project M (Allianz SE)
Aging at the multiplex

Sex, Alzheimer's, loneliness – the boomer generation's joys and fears get star billing

Project M (Allianz SE)
Time is Tight

Time - our most precious resource. Are we using it properly?

Business Spotlight
Iconic cars

Have carmakers forgotten how to make great cars?

Business Spotlight
India shining

Does the Indian government have the magic wand needed to meet the country's diverse needs?

Business Spotlight
All That Glitters

"Excessive luxury is to real luxury what pornography is to eroticism" (extract)

Business Spotlight
Insights: Desmond Tutu

"The line between being right and being self-righteous can be very thin"

Business Spotlight
Beating the Alex out of Greece

Alex is a lazy, cheating, ungrateful, thieving vandal who lives with his mother. Alex is Greek. A look at Greek stereotypes amid its financial meltdown.

Arab Spring or winter of dicontent?

Interview with Shashank Joshi , a doctoral student of international relations at Harvard University's Department of Government on the Arab Spring.

Business Spotlight
Did the chicken land?

Intercultural Communication: what makes the Brazilians tick?

Business Spotlight
Profile - Al Gore

Al Gore's The Future explains the world's problems but is thin on solutions

Hypower (Company magazine, German engineering firm Voith)
The Water Warrior

The water tank as a powerful medium for a water-related social message.

Business Spotlight
Back to the Middle

Middle managers —"Hamster-brained sociopaths"?