Steve Carr

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

Steve is the author of Every Record Tells A Story: A Vinyl Handbook, and has written for Classic Rock Magazine, Team Rock online and Record Collector Magazine. Steve has also appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme The World Tonight and on TV with BBC4’s Pop Charts Britannia: 60 Years of the Pop Charts, which looked at the history of popular music. He writes about music and vinyl on his own website

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Rory Gallagher's Music Lives On: Michael Katon's New Tribute

It has been nearly 22 years since Irish bluesman Rory Gallagher last plugged a Stratocaster into a Fender amp and made it sing. But this week, an American bluesman with Irish roots will release a tribute to Rory Gallagher. Michael Katon hails from Hell, Michigan, and has had a colourful career, from being a Kerrang!...

Classic Rock
Lee Brilleaux: The Forgotten Man of Dr Feelgood

Today [April 7] marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Dr. Feelgood frontmen Lee Brilleaux. As Wilko Johnson rides high in the charts, a new book promises to tell HIS tale. Dr Feelgood were proto-punks and a driving force behind the early 70s pub rock movement.

Every record tells a story
A Degree in Record Collecting? Could you pass the qualifying paper?

News reaches Every Record Tells A Story today that Stax University is to offer a three year degree course in Record Collecting. According to their website, the degree will examine pupils understanding of grading the condition of records, why some records are more valuable than others, matrix numbers, stampings, the manufacturing process, mastering...

Every record tells a story
Incredible Archive of Lost Photos Unearthed of Led Zep, Bowie, Rolling Stones...

In 2015 it's only ironic hipsters who don't have a camera on their phone, and every concert audience you attend is littered with people taking low quality photos, selfies and video footage on their smartphones. This has become an issue for the likes of Jack White who went to the extraordinary length on his last...

Team Rock Online and originally on Every record tells a story
Could Heavy Rock Be Just A Teeny-Weeny Bit Sexist?

I'm putting heavy rock on trial! Have your say! Twenty five years on from the peak of heavy rock's commercial popularity in 1988, this series asks why heavy rockers no longer dominate the charts and seeks to highlight the crimes that Heavy Rock is accused of, and give you the cases for and against.