Stanley Widianto

Contributor, Vice

I am a freelance journalist from Jakarta, Indonesia whose work mainly focuses on music, politics, international relations and communication studies.

The fact that it happens and how it happens are two different things; I'm still learning about both.




Indonesia Plans to Castrate Pedophiles Following Rampant Reports of Sexual Abuse | Broadly

To crack down on the country's epidemic of child sexual abuse, the Indonesian government proposed extreme sentences-which many say are human rights violations.

the Guardian

Indonesia is about to outlaw homosexual sex. Can we stop it? | Stanley Widianto

The criminalisation of LGBT communities takes on a more potent tenor in a vote before parliament on Wednesday istory seems to be repeating itself in Indonesia. Same beats, same...

Washington Post

Analysis | Indonesia, where smoking is widespread, just placed tough restrictions on e-cigarettes

CONTRIBUTED REPORTING, JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia is placing prohibitive restrictions on the sale of e-cigarette materials, and Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita last week...

South China Morning Post

The day a court ruled my Chinese dad was a 'bona fide' Indonesian

Stanley Widianto is too young to recall the last time Indonesians turned on their Chinese neighbours, but seeing Jakarta's Chinese Indonesian governor jailed by a court this...

the Guardian

LGBT Jakartans: 'Worse than a nuclear bomb? We just want to be accepted'

As anti-LGBT sentiment grows in Indonesia - with proposals to criminalise gay sex and public condemnations from government ministers - young Jakartans share stories of...


The Story of Yess Records, Indonesia's Bootleg Cassette Label

Explore the questionable legality and undeniable influence of Indonesia's Yess Records

Seorang Non-Pribumi Menulis Kolom Ini - Kolumnis Tirto.ID

Walau bijak, Saaman bin Paidjan rela dihukum mati, meninggalkan ibunya yang kehilangan akal sehat saat menunggu anak kesayangannya pulang. Begitupun keempat adiknya. Sambil...


Inside the Fight to Save Indonesia's Decaying Film Heritage | VICE | Indonesia (English)

The vaults of Sinematek Indonesia. Photo by author The scene was something out of a disaster movie. Thousands of films, some of them classics by Indonesian directors like Usmar...


Some Indonesians Are Shackling and Imprisoning the Mentally Ill in Sheds | VICE | United States

A 24-year-old woman lies with her wrist and ankle chained to a platform bed at Bina Lestari healing center in Central Java. After her husband abandoned her and their...


The Activist Shining a Light on the Women Prisoners of the Indonesian Massacres | Broadly

In the most recent issue of Soe Tjen Marching's politics and culture magazine "Bhinneka," the academic and writer speaks to several survivors of Indonesia's...

the Guardian

Bound by culture and religion, Indonesia is paranoid about LGBT rights, but we won't be silenced...

The hashtag was offensive enough. #TolakLGBT has been trending in Indonesia in recent weeks, and in Bahasa Indonesia, "tolak" means reject. Then this week Muslim activists held...


Humans of the CD Street Stall: Who Still Buys Pirated Discs? | NOISEY

In an effort to combat illegal downloading and musical piracy, the Indonesian government recently shut down 22 music downloading websites. This may have pleased the Indonesian...


On a Night of Stories with Frau

Frau, the Yogyakarta-based duo, recently played two spectacular shows - dubbed Konser Tentang Rasa (Concert about Senses) - enchanting hundreds of audience members at the Gedung...


Meet The Guy Who Gives You the Heads Up On Album Leaks | NOISEY

Staffan Ulmert will let you know if and when an album has leaked. His site Has It Leaked is like the Neighborhood Watch of musical leaks which according to the official website...

New Mandala

Of murder, memory, corruption and power

Following an International People's Tribunal on Indonesia's 1965 massacre, which accused the Indonesian government of murder and torture and which Vice President Jusuf Kalla...


A Conversation with Experimental Indonesian Duo Senyawa | NOISEY

Images: Dawid Laskowski Earlier this year Indonesia went into a mild frenzy when English electronic rock duo Arkana released a cover of the beloved Indonesian folk song "Kebyar...