Stacy Dahl

Freelance Writer, Editor

Hello! Below, you'll find a small sampling of my work, organized by category.
I’m a writer and editor specializing in travel, dating, news, personal essay, and lifestyle topics.

I write regularly for Open Magazine, as well as freelance regularly for various outlets, such as China Highlights.

My writing has also appeared in places such as Star Tribune, Twin Cities Daily Planet, Thought Catalog, The Nanjinger, SupCZ, We Are Travel Girls and Dame Traveler.

You can contact me at [email protected] regarding work-related topics — or just to say hi. :)

P.S. As a digital nomad, I blog about travel at (see link below).
See you on the road!




Dame Traveler

11 Unique Sights in Changzhou: China's Hidden Gem City | Dame Traveler

Many people come to China to visit its more famous cities Shanghai and Beijing, but perhaps they are missing out on one of China's most underrated cities. Located to the...

We Are Travel Girls

Manila City Guide: Top 10 Things to Do | We Are Travel Girls

The Philippines' underrated capital of Manila is an eclectic mixture of old and new, rich and poor. A conglomeration of 12 cities and five municipalities creates what is known...

OPEN Magazine

48 Hours in Manila, Philippines

With just 48 hours to spare before I had to be back to my full-time job in China, I made the crazy spontaneous decision to spend my short weekend in Manila, Philippines.

OPEN Magazine

Jamaica: A tiny island with a big heart

Jamaica is a beautiful little island located just south of Cuba in the Caribbean. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see Jamaica for myself the summer after I...

The Nanjinger

Little Emperor Syndrome; China's Empathy or Lack Thereof

Without empathy, we would be robots, merely existing without the ability to connect. Sure, parents would still take care of their children and we would go on with our day-to-day...

Dame Traveler

Lessons From Cambodia: Keep An Open Heart | Dame Traveler

The world, to me, is like a blank white canvas and every new color that I paint onto it is a new place that I have had the opportunity to explore. It doesn't matter how many...

Personal Essays

Thought Catalog

The Unedited Truth About Growing Up With A Mother Who Doesn't Know How To Love

Growing up, I used to envy my girlfriends for the relationships that they had with their moms. My best friend and college roommate of four years was particularly close with her...

Dating & Relationships

The Nanjinger

Divorce Test to Save Marriages Offered in Nanjing & Jiangsu | The Nanjinger

The Party line calls for a harmonious filial unit. But the growing independence of China's modern women combined with less acceptance for straying husbands, as well as other...

The Nanjinger

Dating Profile Piracy; China's Tinderish Troubles | The Nanjinger

For as little as ¥30, it is possible to buy a dating profile in China, one that includes accounts, passwords, and three photos of a real person. Often, these fake IDs are used...


Love at first swipe: Should college students be using Tinder?

Online dating is all the rage. With websites like, eHarmony and OkCupid, many people are finding love on the World Wide Web. One matchmaking mobile app called Tinder...



Changzhou Expats Experience Taoism | 看多国友人穿越道教文化 | SupCZ

Four times a year, the Changzhou Radio and TV Station is entrusted by the government to organize activities to engage and educate foreigners about Chinese culture. On October...

The Nanjinger

Southern Capital Seized by Girl Power | The Nanjinger

Girl Gone International (GGI), a non-profit international community, based in over 140 cities around the world and a community solely for women, has now made its way to Nanjing....

Twin Cities Daily Planet

100 days without oil: Cold showers and lots of biking

Molly Eagen, 26, from Minneapolis biked a total of 1,150 miles in 100 days. Eagan biked these miles because she decided to go 100 days without using oil to see how much oil she...

Twin Cities Daily Planet

Shining a light on Somalia

During his first trip back to Somalia in summer 2010, Mohamed Samatar, 19, of Minneapolis, expected there to be no electricity and to be in a desert. "Everything I had in...


The Nanjinger

World U19 Beach Volleyball Championship Next Week in Nanjing | The Nanjinger

As Nanjing enters its second month of summer, it is also making way for the upcoming FIVB Beach Volleyball U19 World Championship, in just T minus 4 days. This championship is a...