Sophie J Parker

Freelance Copywriter

United Kingdom

I'm Sophie, a London-based freelance copywriter with a range of offline and online experience. While earning a first class degree from UCL's English department, I was Editor of the London Tab and reviewed shows for a university arts and culture journal.

I have been commissioned to write pieces for The Student Room and regularly create content with a range of SMEs and start-ups. I also have experience in a range of client-facing and administrative roles.

On this site you will find a selection of my work. It is by no means an exhaustive display, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to see some more examples of a specific style or genre. I hope you enjoy having a look around, and look forward to hearing from you!


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Oxford Scholastica Academy
Finding A Mentor

You might already have links to a possible mentor through your family, friends, school or workplace. If there's someone you know who works in a similar field to the one you want to work in, or studied the same degree, ask if they'd be happy to give you some advice.

Eleven best places to go out in London on a budget

There are world-class theatres all over the city, and many people assume they're out of a student budget. However, a lot of the biggest theatres, including The National, The Barbican and the English National Opera, have free student memberships. These enable you to access generously discounted tickets - sometimes as low as a fiver!

What will estate agents look like in 2021?

Certain events throughout history have changed the real estate landscape in one fell swoop. The 2008 market crash changed the way houses are sold, while the internet boom in the 1990s triggered a complete overhaul in real estate marketing.

A local's guide to getting around London

London's a pretty big city. It sprawls across more than 1,500km 2, is home to more than 8.1 million people and, with more buildings springing up all the time, it just keeps on getting bigger.

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UCL's saddest Christmas decorations

Can someone call Santa? Uni has killed Christmas... The UCL campus may be too small for the number of students the Uni insists on cramming in (the Royal National Hotel is still not a lecture theater guys), but we do have some fairly attractive architecture going on.

Twelve signs you're at uni in London

About the author Sophie Parker is currently in her second year at University College London, studying for a degree in English. As well as getting involved with student media, including writing for The Tab, she enjoys getting lost on Hampstead Heath and recently picked up kickboxing.


UCL's Arts and Culture Journal
Blue Departed - UCL's Arts and Culture Journal

SOPHIE PARKER reviews Blue Departed at the VAULT Festival. As part of the Vault Festival 2019, emerging playwright Serafina Cusack's latest work Blue Departed explores the relationship between heroin addiction, lost love and fourteenth century Italian poetry.

We tried the new UCL/Imperial dating site so you don't have to

Honestly, the things we do for you guys... If you hadn't already heard, Uni-Dating, a dating webapp exclusively for UCL and Imperial singles has recently been created - because, you know, the dating scene around here wasn't tragic enough already.

UCL's Arts and Culture Journal
What Girls are Made of - UCL's Arts and Culture Journal

Sophie Parker reviews Cora Bissett's autobiographical play at Soho Theatre. Thousands of musicians have nearly made it, only to be forgotten seconds after they crash out of the music industry. Cora Bissett's '90's indie-rock band made it closer than most, but the ending of the band's story is still the same.