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United States

Seth Landman is an editor, writer, and educator. He has written about sports, literature, business, music, and pop culture for various outlets over the past two decades. From 2007—2013 he was a fantasy basketball writer for He edited the online literary journal Divine Magnet from 2015–2017. For the past five years, he has been teaching high school English. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Denver and an MFA in Poetry from UMass Amherst. He is the author of two books of poems: Sign You Were Mistaken (2013, Factory Hollow Press) and Confidence (2015, Brooklyn Arts Press).

The 20 Best Sylvester Stallone Movies

It features Stallone doing what he does best: playing a reluctant guy who ultimately rises to the occasion and overcomes the odds. Around here, we love action movies, and that means we have a soft spot for Sly, who has been doing this now for almost five decades.
NBA Power Rankings

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the 2022-23 NBA season than by taking stock before it all begins? Let's do that by ranking the 30 NBA teams from worst to best. These rankings are a snapshot in time; they're how we feel about these teams before any games have been played.
Where Are They Now, Science Edition: The Voyager Spacecrafts

Our desire to wonder about and explore the universe is ancient and endless. Even prehistoric cave art, in many cases, contains evidence of human curiosity about the cosmos. On the other hand, space travel is an extremely new phenomenon for us here on planet Earth, cosmically speaking.
What Does Filibuster Mean?

We’re taking you through the origins of the term “filibuster,” and looking at how it functions in U.S. politics today.
Why Tanking in the NBA Is Actually Good for Fans

It may seem overly obvious to suggest that losing on purpose - in any context aside from the occasional game of Candyland against a 4-year-old - isn't good. Sports provide a chance to see people who are great at something try to perform at the highest level of that greatness.

21-22 NBA Previews: The Milwaukee Bucks (#1)

Basketball is exactly life. It's not less than life or more than life. It isn't any more or less stupid than any of the other things we spend our time doing, like going to the RMV or working 40 hours a week.

On Jaws

Essay on the film, Jaws.