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Shuan Sim

Journalist, photographer, unicyclist

I graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and Linguistics from New York University.

The news holds inexhaustible interest for me, and I'm all about going all out to learn and write about the world around me. Other interests include photography, unicycling, cooking, and adding new things to this list.

Here is a list of some of the pieces I have contributed to various publications over the years.

BioPharm Insight/Global Data News
CREATES Act dropped but may still see progress

On 9 February, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 was signed into law, but it excluded the CREATES Act. While branded pharma companies' lobbying reportedly won over, the Act's rare, strong bipartisan support is a positive sign for the Act to progress.

Rapaport Magazine
Credit Crunch

Banking experts say the industry must clean up its act if credit is to remain available to the midstream players.

Rapaport Magazine
Millennials Around The World

How international Millennials in major diamond markets -- U.K., China and Japan -- identify as a demographic and what are their concerns?

Rapaport Magazine
The Technology of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds take billions of years to form in the earth, but new technology allows for diamonds to be grown in labs in a matter of weeks.

China's Toxic Pollution Levels Fuel Luxury Air Filter Demand

It was January 2013, and Beijing's first " airpocalypse" descended upon the city. Face masks became the latest fashion trend and air purifiers became the latest must-have for Beijing residents. University of Virginia student Thomas Talhelm, then on his PhD Fulbright scholarship living there, too looked online for an efficient purifier.

China's Luxury Tea Sales Dry Up Amid Anti-Graft Drive

The 10-day period before China's upcoming Qingming festival is a prime time for Longjing tea farmers, marking the point when their tea plants start to sprout their prized spring shoots. However, this brief period also means something else for the farmers-scores of wealthy customers lining up to get their hands on premium "pre-Qingming" Longjing tea leaves that are only available this time of the year.

The Hexacoto
The Persistence of Comprehension

Some time ago, Instagram user jumppingjack posted the above image of a note she left to his mum. She said that her brother secretly added extra strokes to the characters in the note. The result is interesting though: even though extra strokes were added, the note is still readable to most competent Chinese speakers.

Asia Society
In China, a Long Tradition of Dodging the Sun

Forget sunblock — the Asians pictured here take it a step further with innovative protective gear. Where did this cultural preference for fair skin come from, and is it likely to change any time soon?

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