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The Unexplored Italian Alps

This Alpine region may be lesser known than its Swiss or French counterparts, but the sweeping countryside amidst lofty mountains, dotted with castles, vineyards and ancient...


Deccan Odyssey: This luxurious train journey through Maharashtra is an experience you just...

With its immensely rich natural, architectural and cultural heritage India has unlimited potential for tourism. Where we lack at times is adequate infrastructure to make...

Travel + Leisure India

Exclusive Interview with Michelin-star Chef Vineet Bhatia

When Chef Vineet Bhatia received his first Michelin star in 2001 for his restaurant Zaika in London, the title of being the first Indian chef to receive the coveted Michelin...

Travel+Leisure South Asia

40+ I Love India Moments

Explore modern India through the myriad festivals held across the country, celebrating art and literature, dance and music, films and theatre, feast and fervour.

Vistara Inflight Magazine

Real Taste of India

acclaimed Indian chefs are putting Indian cuisine on the gastronomic map of the world.

Travel+Leisure South Asia

Come Away With Me

14 ideas, 14 ways and 14 itineraries to experience Europe Romantically

Travel+Leisure South Asia

Into the Bush With the Flock

Animal adventures with the kids in South Africa

Travel+Leisure South Asia

African Vintage

Wine experiences in South Africa.

Millionaire Asia

Down The Rabbit Hole

My experience at the revamped Swarovski Crystals World, Austria


Appetising Tales

The combination of rain and tea is indeed a match made in heaven. Especially in Delhi when the monsoon brings respite from the sweltering heat and the cool showers wash the...

Travel+Leisure South Asia

Have Pet, Will Travel

Tips on travelling with pets



There are many reasons to celebrate yoga, International Day of Yoga is just one! I never cease to be fascinated with the way our ancient yogis understood much more about the...


Wien Wise

A destination article on Vienna

Better Homes and Gardens

Go With The Flow

Understanding the lymphatic system of our body.


Street Scapes

The evolving trend of street art in India

BBC Good Homes

Elegant and Eloquent

An insiders look into Designer Urvashi Kaur's home