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Sherin Thawer

Children's Book Author & Christian Motivational Speaker

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Sherin Thawer's debut children's book, Attitude of Gratitude: Story of 10 Lepers is coming soon!

Pope celebrates Christianity in PH | Sherin Thawer

On March 14, 2021 at 5 PM Manila time, Pope Francis will officiate a celebration at St. Peter's Basilica to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines. This incredible event will recognize the faith of the Filipino people and their community - both at home in the Philippines and abroad.

'Ambitious Girl' empowers young girls | Sherin Thawer

With the inauguration of POTUS Joe Biden, the United States has welcomed in a historic first. Kamala Harris, of course, is the nation's first-ever female Vice President. Unsurprisingly, her determination to achieve what she puts her mind to is not exclusive to Kamala - instead, it runs in the family.

Sherin Thawer

A lifelong follower of the Christian faith and lifestyle, Sherin Thawer is dedicated to her religion. A mother, wife and working woman, Thawer has long balanced her passions with her personal and professional lives. Now, as a Christian children's book author, she's finding a way to give deeper meaning to the balance.

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Sherin Thawer

Sherin Thawer's debut children's book, Attitude of Gratitude: Story of 10 Lepers is slated for release in 2020. A retelling of the Biblical story of Jesus and the ten lepers (found in Luke 17 of the Holy Bible), Thawer's book fuses modernity with tradition.

Sherin Thawer | Crunchbase

Sherin Thawer is a children's author debuting her first book, "Attitude of Gratitude: Story of 10 Lepers" in 2020. Drawing on her Christian faith and values, Sherin Thawer has pursued a professional career in writing and motivational speaking to help spread love, joy, and kindness to her audience.

Sherin Thawer

Recently, Sherin Thawer has actively pursued one of her greatest dreams: to become a Christian Motivational Speaker. For many years, Thawer has been a supporter of influential carriers of God's messages of hope and love. Her favorite Christian Motivational Speakers include Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

Sherin Thawer

In Sherin Thawer's view, the Christian church is a family network. As an aspiring Christian Motivational Speaker, she finds this particularly fulfilling. Balancing her work life with her family life has always been incredibly important to Thawer.

Christian Faith | Sherin Thawer | Sherin Thawer

Sherin Thawer finds her strength and motivation in her Christian faith. Since childhood, she has been drawn to the warm and loving culture of the Christian church. Even as a child, Thawer felt a deep connection to the family-focused nature of the church she attended.

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