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Hi there and welcome to my portfolio!

This portfolio features my work in writing, content creation, copywriting and public relations for clients such as Dyson, Airbnb, OpenTable, hint water, Essential Phone, Pinterest, Peerspace, Discord, Grubhub, Spring, Kik, Roblox, LifeLock and more. Please make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see all my work!

I have a variety of interests in the field of content creation, including lifestyle writing, editing, blogging, copywriting, journalism, multimedia, social media marketing, community outreach, public relations and television. All in all, my passion is writing.

I am a very outgoing person with exceptional people skills and a creative outlook. I'm meticulous in my work and am always up for a challenge. I work well in fast paced environments and am a stickler for deadlines. I'm a team player and hope to find a work environment where I can grow and learn each day.

Thank you so much for reading and exploring my work! Please contact me for any inquiries at [email protected] or 575-956-5693.

Shelby Marra


Lifestyle Writing - The Quench by hint

The Quench
10 Books Every 20-Something Must Read

Let's face it; our 20s are whirlwind years filled with growth, lessons, mistakes, new beginnings, setbacks and highs, and lows. They can be some of the There is no one right way to "adult," and everyone is on their own path to self-discovery, but these 10 must-read books offer curated insight on how to better navigate the many aspects of your 20-something years when it comes to your career, relationships and yourself.

Ghostwriting - hint CEO Kara Goldin

The Kara Network
5 Quick Ways to Motivate Your Employees

In the workplace, finding ways to keep your employees motivated can be on the surface, a daunting task. You've brought your vision to fruition, and you are moving forward and building a strong business. You need positive, forward-thinking employees that are bringing a high level of excitement into the workplace.


Placed & Crafted Storylines - Public Relations

Mother's Day Gifts That Will Seriously Impress

It can be tough to whittle down a gift idea for the woman who literally brought you into this world. But, every year, we celebrate our mamas in spades and this year is no different. Ditch the expected brunch and a massage route for a present that will last a lifetime (or at least until next year when it's time to spoil her again).

Spring 2.0: The shopping app looks to reinvent - Digiday

As Spring approaches its third anniversary, the mobile commerce platform is turning to personalization, with the help of influencer marketing, to rebuild its image and solidify its formerly uncertain identity. To complement the launch of the company's updated app in July, Spring is promoting its new look with a video released today in partnership with fashion influencers Coco Baudelle and Marcel Floruss.

Nation's Restaurant News
The latest in tech: Scheduling, delivery and automation

This is part of NRN's special coverage of the 2017 NRA Show, being held in Chicago, May 20-23. Visit for the latest coverage from the show, plus follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Scheduling, delivery and automation were key topics at tech exhibits at the NRA Show, particularly for operators looking to trim labor costs and improve efficiency.

Employee Benefit News
Identity theft protection growing in popularity

All Employee Benefit News content is archived after seven days. Community members receive: All recent and archived articles Conference offers and updates A full menu of enewsletter options Web seminars, white papers, ebooks Already have an account? Log In Don't have an account? Register for Free Unlimited Access

Discord will be getting video chat and screen sharing

Starting today Discord will be rolling out and testing its new video chat and screen sharing functionality with 5% of its desktop user base. As noted in an official blog post, the full launch of these new features is still

Reel 2016

Shelby Marra Reel 2016

This is Shelby Marra's 2016 Reporter/MMJ Reel. Shelby is a senior at the University of Arizona pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism. She will be graduating in May 2016 and is seeking a position as a general assignment reporter or multimedia journalist at a reputable news station!

Weekend Today Show, NBC - Intern
Wal-Mart's oldest employee celebrates 103rd birthday with special party

Loren Wade is not your typical 103-year-old. Five days a week, Wade works at a Winfield, Kansas Wal-Mart where he waters plants, greets customers and runs the cash register. In fact, he is such a fixture at the local Wal-Mart that his coworkers recently helped him ring in his birthday by throwing him a very special birthday party.
How this BBQ for the homeless in Detroit raised $25,000 in one day

People from all over the world came together through an online 24-hour flash fundraiser to raise more than $25,000 for a weekly barbecue for the homeless in Detroit. The weekly barbecue has taken place on a street corner in Detroit every Saturday for the last eight years, often serving more than 200 people, and run entirely by volunteers.

The Huffington Post
10 Tips For Balancing Work And Home

We all know that one woman who seems to have the Pinterest-perfect life. She just made partner at a top law firm, she has a loving partner and she's raising well-mannered, bright children all while looking

The Odyssey Online - Blogger/Writer

The Odyssey
Small Town Girl Meets Big Time College | The Odyssey

Are you just a small town girl? Living in a lonely world? Can you name every person from your graduating class? Was your front door always unlocked? Did you have to drive at least two hours to buy your prom dress?

The Odyssey
7 Thoughts Every U of A Sorority Girl Has When it Rains | The Odyssey

trying to get to class during a monsoon* Freshmen find the concept of excessive rain in the desert very confusing, but for U of A veterans, the summer monsoons are no surprise. Even though expected, one is never fully prepared for what could be called the Tucson Hurricane.

The Odyssey
U of A Family Weekend: Do's and Don'ts | The Odyssey

Family weekend is coming up, and your family is ecstatic to see you! You are excited too...however, you are also probably trying to put your hot-mess-of-a-life together, do four weeks worth of laundry and clean your filthy dorm room, all before your family touches down in the good ol' Dirty T.

The Odyssey
Why You Can't Find a "Nice" Guy or Girl in College | The Odyssey

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of friends saying: "I can't find a nice guy/girl!" or, "there aren't any good guys/girls at this school." I've heard this from both male and female friends. Frankly, I agree. But I don't think it's because there actually aren't any good people at this school.

Arizona Public Media, KUAT Channel 6 - Student Anchor

KVOA News 4 Tucson, NBC - Intern

Tucson Fire reminds parents of swimming 'ABC's'

Posted: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 2:01 PM EDT Updated: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 2:01 PM EDT TUCSON- The Tucson Fire Department is reminding parents to take more precautions to prevent child drowning as the weather warms up and the summer pool season approaches.

Stories - University of Arizona Journalism School

Multimedia Pieces

Viewpoint: Causes behind illegal gold mining

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - Although illegal gold mining has been an ongoing problem in Costa Rica for centuries, recently it has come back into the public eye. Juan Figuerola, an environmentalist and forestry engineer at the University of Costa Rica, worked in the Osa Peninsula area near the Corcovado National Park where most of...

EcoChronicle: Costa Rica Study Abroad - Writer/Reporter

A day in the life of a caterpillar chronicler

PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Costa Rica - Dressed in a green tank top and tan cargo pants, 24-year-old graduate student Christina Bear looks ready to go. The University of Missouri-St. Louis doctoral student is in the heart of the Costa Rican wetlands at Palo Verde National Park to study plant and insect interaction.

A nature walk through the Arenal Volcano National Park

My name is Shelby and I am a Junior at the University of Arizona. I am a journalism student and I like creating and writing anything in the realm of media from articles to news stories to photographs to multimedia videos.

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