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Sharelle Burt

Freelance Writer/Content Manager

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My name is Sharelle B. A Freelance Writer/Content Manager. Writer. HBCU Graduate. Social Media Enthusiast. Podcast Host. Hashtag Creator. Entertainment Lover. Social Injustice Junkie.

Lioness Magazine
How Design Thinking Is Rapidly Becoming The New Way For Businesses To Solve Problems - Lioness...

STANFORD, Calif - Design thinking is changing the game for existing businesses and startups across the country. It's the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts are developed by designers and/or design teams. Sounds something like a blueprint, right? Wrong. Kelly Schmutte, a designer and lecturer at Stanford University's Hasso Plattner Institute of [...]

Lioness Magazine
BlackTech Weekend Makes Its New Orleans Debut, Kicking off Essence Music Festival Tech Style

BlackTech Weekend continues its 13-city tour, making its New Orleans debut as an Essence Music Festival kickoff event on July 5. Since 1995, Essence Music Festival has been one of the meccas of "black girl magic." Women from all over the country travel to the Creole capital of the world, New Orleans, to let go of the daily struggles and release what is within.

Lioness Magazine

Lioness Magazine
Rael and the Importance of Organic Feminine Products

Founder of Rael, journalist and best selling author Annes An, with the help of CEO Yanghee Paik, and Bianna Wong, introduce organic feminine products to the market. They bring to society's attention the importance of using their organic products versus common, chemically enhanced tampons and pads.

Lioness Magazine
BestTyme App Founder Jilea Hemmings Talks Finding The Right Investor - Lioness Magazine

Jilea Hemmings talks startup misfires and lessons before cofounding BestTyme, the work-hack for life-science professionals, and the importance of finding investors who are in sync with your plan. Jilea Hemmings talks startup misfires and lessons before cofounding BestTyme, the work-hack for life-science professionals, and the importance of finding investors who are in sync with your plan.

Lioness Magazine
Meagan Hooper Is Helping Women Be Their Best Selves - Lioness Magazine

Posted on December 19, 2017 by Sharelle M. Burt Founder Meagan Hooper went from being COO of a successful hedge fund to teaching women how to rise in their careers as well. Women have come a long way since many transitioned from wives and homemakers to entering the workforce in the 1950s.

Lioness Magazine
Four Entrepreneurs Who Are Crushing It On The Internet - Lioness Magazine

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Sharelle M. Burt Oliva June Poole, founder and CEO, Hey! Vina. Times sure have changed since the 1930s. That was a time when women, regardless of race, were barely working, let alone having thoughts of running their own businesses.

Lioness Magazine
Rulai Cofounder Is Shaping Future Of ArtificiaI Intelligence With Virtual Assistants That Can...

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Sharelle M. Burt Dr. Yi Zhang and her team recently raised $6.5 million to launch a "low-code" chatbot development tool. Technology is changing day to day. One minute we think we have the latest and greatest product and with the blink of an eye, something that's just a little better becomes the hottest thing on the market.

Lioness Magazine
Actress Samantha Colley On Her New Series 'Genius,' Einstein And Selfish Women - Lioness Magazine

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Sharelle M. Burt Growing up in a family of academics, Samantha Colley never dreamed that one day she would become an actress. Let alone star as a key woman in scientific history. Colley stars in the National Geographic docu-series, "Genius," playing the role of Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein's first wife and mother to his three children.

The Philly Voice

New York Daily News

NY Daily News
Utah billboard promotes dating site for white people only

A dating site created specifically for white people is drawing some stares with their weirdly placed billboard in West Valley City, Utah. The billboard, featuring an image of a white couple smiling and hugging, is adverting a new dating site called - which became a viral sensation this week.

NY Daily News
The infamous Catalina Wine Mixer is coming to life.

Imagine attending an event only seen on the silver screen. That's what happened for fans of the 2008 hit comedy "Step Brothers" when a California club will host the first Catalina Wine Mixer. The Descanso Beach Club announced it will host the mixer - named after the event featured in the film starring Will Ferrell and John C.

NY Daily News
A magic-loving orangutan gets a kick out of a magic trick

An amateur magician got a new fan - an orangutan who thought an illusion was so hilarious, it fell on the ground laughing. The great ape was sitting on the floor behind the glass of his exhibit at the Barcelona Zoo when a visitor surprised him with a magic trick.

NY Daily News
HBCU and PWI graduates share pros and cons

The college experience is one black graduates hold near and dear - whether they choose to spend four years at Harvard or Howard. The debate between historically black colleges versus predominantly white institutions lit up social media this week as the spotlight on campus racism grew more intense.

NY Daily News
New York prison debate team defeats Harvard College team

A team of violent offenders in a maximum security New York prison battled Harvard undergraduates in a debate last month - and won. The contest - which was held at Eastern New York Correctional Facility in upstate Napanoch - pitted three inmates against three students from the Ivy League school.

NY Daily News
Ebony Magazine's November cover ignites mixed emotions

Ebony Magazine sparked outrage with readers after releasing the cover of their November issue - which featured a fractured image of "The Cosby Show" cast for a story on broken families in the African American community. The front page came just days after Cosby gave a deposition in Boston for a sexual battery civil lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

NY Daily News
Dog once scared of human touch now loved in new home

A dog who was once petrified of human touch is now giving humans a second chance. The puppy, named Kayne, stole the hearts of social media users after he appeared in a video, posted by Monica Mitreanu, taken at an animal shelter in Romania went viral last November.

NY Daily News
"Dear Black People" video causes issues for YouTube star

Following the negative backlash to her video "Dear Fat People," Canadian YouTube star Nicole Arbour is back giving her opinion in "Dear Black People." Opening her video by remixing Biggie Smalls' song "Juicy", Arbour attacks topics like the usage of the n-word in hip-hop songs, cultural appropriation and chosen stereotypes - even taking a jab at rapper Drake, calling his use of the n-word in his music a "stretch."

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