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United States

I am a storyteller to my core, with a passion and determination for communicating creativity with clarity and resonance. My imagination is boundless, and I use my learned ability to critique and restructure stories to hone what I find most intriguing about my stories.

I have written short screenplays for clients, including slice-of-life, horror, and drama, as well as romantic and erotic fiction for story apps on IOS. I also work to match my innate creativity to my client's vision, but inherent to all my writing is subtle and nuanced emotionality, vivid and entertaining descriptions, and rich dramatic tension with a comedic twist.

Reach out to chat about your perspective short screenplays, web and app based serials, and any other innovative method of storytelling your team uses. Feel free to read my reviews on (

Private Client
Wrong Track

A surrealist horror short script Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Fiverr Client
True Blue Aussie

What it means to be a True Blue Aussie (written for an Australian client on Fiverr)

Fiverr Client

A short drama written for client on Fiverr for them to use in an acting reel.