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Family Medicine Specialist

Sean O'Grady, MD is a Specialist who supports various health and fitness initiatives that motivate and inspire others to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Sean OGrady MD
Gut Bacteria A Key to Wellness?

Most people wouldn't think that bacteria and mental health would be linked, but they are. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the "single largest contributor to disability worldwide". An unexpected weapon that we have against this problem is the bacteria located in our guts.

Sean OGrady MD
Eating Seaweed to Save the Planet

Is eating seaweed actually good for you? Incorporating it into your diet has many benefits - it contains vital minerals, iodine to support thyroid health, and is high in fibre and iron. Photo by Lachlan Ross Besides the benefits for personal health and wellness, seaweed is incredibly beneficial to our climate.

Sean OGrady MD
Rooftop orchard provides local families with nutrition

ForKids Center for Children and Families is tackling the community's hunger issue in a unique way. Very much hands-on, the nonprofit's approach to nutrition involves a community garden. Sean O'Grady, MD salutes the incredibly unique efforts of ForKids, a nonprofit organization that is now bringing food to the fingertips of families in need - literally!

Sean OGrady MD
President Joe Biden's Plan for Nonprofits

What does the new President of the United States have in store for nutrition nonprofits - or nonprofits in general? As Sean O'Grady has discovered, the answer is 'not much.' In POTUS Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion stimulus package will act as support for the US economy during the economic crisis brought...

Sean OGrady MD
Senior Nutrition Nonprofit Program Seeks Volunteers

In the wake of COVID-19, delivery needs are increasing for the Senior Nutrition Program, a nonprofit initiative that services people ages 60+ in 13 counties of WA. The nonprofit is asking for volunteers to join their team. If you are located in the Washington state area, consider helping the community's seniors in a major way!

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Sean O'Grady, MD to host blog series on nutrition nonprofits

Sean O'Grady, MD June 24, 2020 - Sean O'Grady, MD is excited to announce an upcoming blog series on his official health and fitness focused website. The all-new blog series will highlight events and news regarding nonprofits that advocate for nutrition. Sean O'Grady, MD hopes to educate the public on nutrition by shining a...

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Sean O'Grady, MD

Sean O'Grady, MD is a diversely experienced Family Medicine expert. He credits his expertise to not only his experience, but also to his education. O'Grady formed the foundation of his medical knowledge at the University of New Mexico Medical School, where he graduated in 1994. He then continued to cultivate his expertise through experience-based learning.

Sean OGrady MD
Health & Fitness Charities

Sean O'Grady, MD proudly supports initiatives that encourage youth to embrace the great outdoors, such as The Fresh Air Fund. As a supporter of Alliance for Smiles, Sean O'Grady, MD also hopes to highlight the importance of health and fitness charities with international reach. Health and Fitness Charities Alliance for Smiles Sean O'Grady, MD supports...

Sean O'Grady, MD

Sean O'Grady, MD is a Specialist who practices Family Medicine. He maintains certifications and expertise in BLS (Basic Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) and Ultrasound. His expertise and experience strengthen his passion for charities that assist others in taking the reins to improve their health and fitness.