Scott Pham

Digital Editor

I was a radio reporter and digital producer. Now I'm the digital editor for NBC Bay Area's Investigative Team.


Discovery Problem: Why It's So Hard to Find New Podcasts
Podcasts have a serious discovery problem. As a medium, it's hot right now. It's building loyal and potentially lucrative communities around niche topics. Independent producers...
Will Public Radio Survive Music Streaming Apps?
The print industry has long had to deal with disruptive aggregators, but for radio, this conflict is just starting to take shape.
When Journalism Becomes a Game of Drones
An article I wrote on drone journalism for t
Rising Stars You Should Watch In Social Media & Journalism
I was named a "rising star" of journalism in this article.
Columbia's tech scene searches high and low for talent
Columbia's Startup Weekend draws entrepreneurs with stories to tell
What affects gun sales in Missouri?
New Moo-Bile App Helps Keep Cows Cool And Farmers Updated
New Downtown Incubator attracts entrepreneurs and English teachers
McRib Fans May Have To Wait Till Christmas For Their Sandwich Fix : The Salt : NPR

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