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37 Thoughts We All Have While Hooking Up at Home During the Holidays

It's officially the holiday season, which means three things: (1) We get to visit our family, (2) we get to stay in our childhood home, and (3) we get to figure out how to have sex with our partner while visiting our family and staying in our childhood home.

These Are Arguably the 25 Best Places to Break Up With Someone

TBH, breaking up with someone is even more difficult than getting broken up with. You have to choose a time and a place, when no time and place seem right. Seriously, where's the perfect spot to tell them you're sick of hearing them chew while they eat so you're done here?

So Here's What Are Women *Actually* Doing While Sexting

Sexting is a great way to express sexual desires with a partner and can be very fun. Unfortunately, it's super rare that I'm actually doing all the *sexy* things that I say I am. I know you imagine me lying in bed, touching myself to Usher's Confessions, but the truth is, I'm at Target picking out a new shower rod.

Sweet Dreams - TeenSeen

As we get back into the school year routine, the negotiation over bedtime begins. Teens say whatever they can to push their bedtime back. "But ALL of my friends stay up later than me! "Some of my friends don't even have a bedtime!" Yeah, and I'm the Easter Bunny (wait...n-no...

For Schools - TeenSeen

Adolescent life does not begin and end at home - there's a lot of "school" in between there. And, even though they might spend a lot of time complaining about it, school is very important! Schools and teachers don't have to be labelled the villain in a teens life.

Wide Leg Pant

We designed these pants with you in mind. They're simple, comfortable, and easy to wash by hand--making them our favorite piece to travel with. Who has time to iron when you're busy ruling the professional world? Composition & Care:Self: 95% viscose, 5% elastaneCare: hand wash or dry clean

Silk Shirt Dress

Forget everything you know about the shirt dress. Our silk design and plunging neckline are reinventing this basic staple. We even added a belt at the waist to give you that hourglass shape you want and deserve. Add a chunky gold necklace for a night out with all eyes on you.

Paul Jozsef Counselling & Coaching | Westmount
Anxiety Therapy and Counselling | Westmount Montreal

Do you fear being out of control? Do you worry excessively about many things? Do you avoid social situations? Do you have recurring thoughts that refuse to go away? Then it's possible you may suffer from an anxiety. Anxiety is your body's natural reaction to stressful situations (otherwise known as the fight-flight-or-freeze response).

Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce
Trivia Night at Matilda!

"This weather sucks. There's nothing fun to do during the winter," something I'm sure we've all muttered at least once during a Chicago winter. Thankfully, I am here to shed some light on your winter blues. Matilda, located on Sheffield right